Tim McGraw And Faith Hill Spill 5 Juicy Secrets On Bobby Bones Show


Tim McGraw and Faith Hill spilled some juicy insights into their relationship on one of their appearances on The Bobby Bones Show. The two are gorgeous international superstars. Plus they have maintained an amazing marriage of more than 20 years. So what are some of the secrets behind their music and behind those smoking hot bodies? We have them here.

5. Intention

Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, secrets, details, Bobby Bones Show
Nashville, TN – June 05: Tim McGraw (L) and Faith Hill kiss onstage at the 2014 CMA Festival on June 5, 2014 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images)

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill didn’t become international superstars by accident. As their lives and marriage progressed, so has their duo career. And this is intentional. McGraw said that they do not record a song to record it. They do it with intention, purpose, and reason. As he put it, “We’ve only done it when we feel like we have a song that really works.”

Take “Speak To A Girl,” for example. McGraw mentioned that that song really spoke to them, especially being the father of three daughters. “And a husband,” Faith Hill added. She also said that being a “wife” and a “woman” added to the meaningfulness of that song for her. 

4. Opposites Attract

Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, secrets, details, Bobby Bones Show
Faith Hill and Tim McGraw private island retreat (photo from Go Country 105)

One of the questions from Bobby Bones had to do with the timing of their Soul2Soul shows. Because those shows are so well produced and choreographed, he wondered if they do that by feel or if they perfectly schedule everything. Tim McGraw said that timing is really important. He expanded on that, discussing how it makes a show run smoothly. He also said he thought it was important to the audience. 

Faith Hill, on the other hand, said that she is more a “fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl.” However, she said that she has learned “so much from the master entertainer,” pointing at Tim McGraw.

3. Starbucks

Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, secrets, details, Bobby Bones Show
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill (photo from Us Weekly)

Curious as to what Tim McGraw and Faith Hill order at Starbucks? Well, it turns out that they don’t… sort of. It isn’t that they don’t like Starbucks. They just don’t like ordering. Faith Hill said that she has her girls order for her because she finds it “too stressful” because of all of the options. She went on to say that she usually just says, “Whatever you’re having,” which is hilarious. Her husband agreed, saying that you need a “Starbucks dictionary” to order. However, he does know how to request a “medium macchiato,” which seemed to impress his wife (however, she did correct him that the actual term is “grande”).

We wish they would’ve shared the names they use, as they surely don’t order under their real ones. 

Who would have thought that two international superstars would be so simple with the coffee order?

2. On Those Bodies

Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, secrets, details, Bobby Bones Show
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill (photo from billboard.com)

So how long would someone have to dedicate to the gym before they started rocking a body like Tim McGraw or Faith Hill? It turns out that it does take some effort (dang it).

“Everyone talks about, ‘Oh look how hot Faith looks. Tim McGraw looks wonderful. Ah, look at that body,’” said Lunchbox (who was filling in for Bobby Bones). 

“I just want you to say that over and over,” Faith quipped.

“That’s all we’re going to hear on the radio,” McGraw joked. “‘Tim McGraw looks hot, Tim McGraw looks hot, Tim McGraw looks hot.’ We gotta put that on a loop.”

But in all seriousness, their workouts are tough. In other interviews, McGraw has admitted to working out several hours each day, to the point his routine is referred to as “grueling.” His workouts are so tough that his wife doesn’t even want to be part of them. And besides that, she said that she needs a purpose to get her moving. 

“Tim, he’s serious. He’s hardcore about the workout,” said Faith. “For me, it’s nice to have something to work toward. When I’ve got something pressing ahead of me, like an awards show, or a video, or a tour, then it’s like, bam! I’m into gear, I’m in the boot camp, I’m doing it.”

1. What Happens After The Show

Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, secrets, details, Bobby Bones Show
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill (photo from Martha Stewart Weddings)

When you see stars on stage, it’s easy to forget the lives they have outside of that. So what is the first thing Tim and Faith do once the show ends?

Faith had to consider that question and then recalled that she takes off her shoes. She said that those come off before she even leaves the stage. But then she also said that she likes to remove her makeup. Stage makeup is thick and heavy and she admitted that she hates wearing it. Tim McGraw didn’t have an answer to that one.

Tiny, Juicy Secrets

Faith Hill, Tim McGraw
Faith Hill and Tim McGraw (photo from librosyprejuicios.blogspot.com)

It’s so interesting when you consider the tiny little details of their lives. Trying to figure out how to order their coffee. Long workouts. Considering the messages of their songs. Getting out of high heels and makeup at the end of work. Because ultimately, this is their job. It doesn’t seem like one because of how much fun they are clearly having, but it is their work nonetheless. They are entertainers. 

And it is also interesting how they have evolved, both personally and professionally. They are now on their second year of Soul2Soul after a sellout 2017. And their music has become much more personal. They recorded an entire duet album, For The Rest of Our Life. And they have also incorporated social messages in their songs and in their interviews. For example, “Speak To A Girl” is extremely relevant and timely. And they have more than once put their two cents in the gun control arena. 

So hearing about how they live their lives both on and off-stage really helps us see them in a much more complete light. You can watch their full Bobby Bones Show appearance on YouTube. And then let us know what your favorite juicy detail is.