WATCH: Tim And Faith Play 21 Questions About Their Marriage

By Danielle Hathcock | Monday Monday Staff -    2018-02-13

It’s amazing how much life can change in 60 seconds. And it’s amazing how much you can learn, especially if you’re willing to ask the questions. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill sat down with Architectural Digest and a list of questions for each other. And we learned some pretty amazing things from the Nashville power couple–including the secret to a happy marriage.

What Tim McGraw Hates

Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Tim and Faith, marriage
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill (photo from Us Weekly)

It turns out that celebrities don’t like chores any more than their fans. So what’s the one chore Tim McGraw hates most? Dishes. And he answered that without a moment’s hesitation.

Where They Agree

Cast member Tim McGraw, left, and Faith Hill arrive for a screening of “Country Strong” in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Tuesday, Dec. 14, 2010. (AP Photo/Matt Sayles)

If each of them could throw away only one item of the other’s, what would it be? “Maybe her cell phone,” answered Tim. Faith looked surprised, but when she was asked the same question, she replied, “Cell phone.” Guess that they also get tired of seeing the top of each other’s head.

What Faith Hill Loves

Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Tim and Faith, marriage
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill (photo from Wide Open Country)

When asked what Tim’s approach was to home design, Faith said, “Tim loves his Lazy-Boy recliner.” Tim said that Faith Hill appreciates “light” spaces that are “clean and neat.” She told him he “would be rewarded for that answer.” Funnily enough, when asked who had the better design eye, McGraw said, “Oh, definitely me.”


Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Tim and Faith, marriage
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill (photo from

When asked what was the most difficult part of living with Tim McGraw, Faith Hill said that it was his messiness. “You kind of miss the hamper ever so often,” she said. “Like, every day. Every time you take a shower.” McGraw acknowledged it was true.


Faith Hill, Tim McGraw
Faith Hill and Tim McGraw (photo from

The best part was the question about the secret to success in a marriage. Tim McGraw shared that it is to “just say ‘yes ma’am’ a lot.” He asked her in return. Faith Hill said that secret is “not to say yes all the time.” No wonder it works–she has all the veto power.

You can watch their adorable exchange here. And let us know what your favorite things are about Tim and Faith.

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