Tim McGraw And Faith Hill Gave This Expecting Couple A Night To Remember


Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have incredibly special memories from their Soul2Soul tour. But for lucky couple Vikki Kula and husband Rodney, they had a moment they will remember for the rest of their lives. For the second time, Tim and Faith did an on-stage gender reveal. So what was the outcome for the special couple?

Tim McGraw Steps Back

Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, gender reveal
Tim McGraw (photo from Grammy)

As parents of three daughters, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw know just how exciting it is being parents-to-be. So they were more than happy to help the Kulas with the gender reveal. When Vikki handed the envelope to Faith Hill, Faith exclaimed how much fun it was to be part of such a special moment. She then looked to husband McGraw to help her, but he was already at the back of the stage, letting his wife do the honors.

The Honors Go To Faith Hill

Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, gender reveal
Faith Hill (photo from tasteofcountry.com)

Faith asked if Vikki wanted to open the envelope and give the results to the crowd or if she wanted Faith to know first. Vikki said Faith had the honors. Hill was clearly delighted by this. 

Vikke told Faith Hill that this is her and her husband’s second baby. They had a daughter the first time. So when Hill opened the envelope and read it, she yelled to the crowd, “It’s a boy!” The couple was clearly pleased. You can watch their reactions in the video below.

Another Gender Reveal

Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, gender reveal
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill (photo from Wide Open Country)

This isn’t the first gender reveal from Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. A few months earlier they did one for a New Orleans couple, Deanna DeArmond and her husband, Jeremy. For that couple, it was their third child. The couple told Taste of Country they weren’t sure if it would work. But then the performers noticed their sign about 30 minutes into their first set. That couple also found out they were having a boy. Ironic that the parents of three girls had two male reveals.

Faith and Tim are back on the road in 2018 for Soul2Soul, so we may see some more amazing gender reveals. Would you want to do your baby reveal at their concert? Let us know!