The Top 3 Most Memorable Moments Of Luke Bryan’s Concerts


Luke Bryan is known for having pretty some pretty crazy stuff go down at his concerts. But even by Bryan standards, some of what happens is quite unexpected. From stage falls to fan slaps, here are three wild Luke Bryan concert moments.

Little Boy Bo

Luke and his wife, Caroline, have two sons together. Thomas Boyer Bryan, born March 18, 2008, is the eldest. Thomas goes by Bo. His younger brother is Tatum “Tate” Christopher Bryan was born August 11, 2010. It definitely looks like Bo has his father’s penchant for dancing.

Bo was dancing next to the stage at one of Bryan’s concerts. So his daddy decided to put him front and center. 

Wearing baggy jeans, a faded superman tee shirt, and adorable, toddler-sized noise-canceling earphones, Bo faced the crowd and didn’t miss a beat. He danced with his dad like no one was watching, bouncing up and down to the music. His dad was clearly amused by how comfortable his son was. Looks like there may be a future performer in the family.

Don’t Literally Break A Leg

Luke Bryan has actually fallen off stage a few times. In this particular instance, he fell off the stage into a woman who was actually filming him. The screen goes Blair Witch Project as Bryan recovers and gets back where he belongs. The really hilarious part of it is that when he announced: “I totally just fell my ass in the crowd!” And then the crowd screams. Who would’ve thought that falling off a stage would be so impressive to fans?

A Real Slap In The Face

Taste of Country provided the video for this wild Luke Bryan concert moment. The video shows Bryan reaching down and slapping the man across the face in a fashion anything but subtle. According to their reporting, Bryan’s team said it was because the man was making rude gestures that were disrespectful both to Luke and the audience. But you have to give Bryan credit. He didn’t miss a beat.

With a new 2018 tour, we will be watching for even wilder Luke Bryan concert moments.

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Luke Bryan (photo from Tulsa World)