This New Rule On ‘The Voice’ Is Bad News For Blake Shelton


The new season of The Voice just started but Blake Shelton is already in trouble. There is a new twist on the show this year that allows coaches to block each other from certain singers during the blind auditions. So that means that Shelton can’t go after all the country singers like he normally does. And his fellow coaches are completely taking advantage of this. 

New Season, New Competition

Blake Shelton, The Voice, new season
Blake Shelton on The Voice (photo from Daily Mail)

Blake Shelton enters into this new season of The Voice as the coach with the most wins. However, he has some fresh competition thanks to Kelly Clarkson. Clarkson is also a coach this season and she obviously knows her way around a reality singing competition show. She also knows her way around a country music song. So Shelton was already more disadvantaged than in years past. With this new rule, he has lost even more ground.

One powerhouse audition was from singer Justin Kilgore. Kilgore has an obvious country sound that made him a great candidate for Shelton. But because of the block from the other coaches, there was no way for Shelton to nab him. “I won’t even be mad if you don’t go with me,” Levine said to Kilgore. “Because one thing I know for sure that you can’t do is go with Blake.” Ouch.

Kelly Clarkson Takes Her Picks

Blake Shelton, The Voice, new season
Kelly Clarkson (photo from Country Rebel)

Kilgore actually did end up with Clarkson, as did another young country singer, Molly Stevens. It seems Clarkson is taking a page from Shelton’s previous playbook. And she is completely aware of what she’s doing. “People believe if you’re country on this show, that (only) Blake can help you, but that is not true,” she said.

Blake Shelton In It to Win On The Voice

Blake Shelton, The Voice, new season
Adam Levine and Blake Shelton (photo from NBC)

And though Shelton was good-natured about it on the show–and on Twitter–one wonders if there wasn’t some genuine frustration there. Blake Shelton is not secretive about how competitive he is or how much he wants to win. And though his winners haven’t gone on to the fame of American Idol winners such as Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, they have fared better than other winners of The Voice. So it seems he knows how to promote them. 

Are you #TeamBlake this year or happy that he has some new competition and obstacles?