The Sweet Words Miranda Lambert’s Boyfriend Said About Her Will Melt Your Heart In An Instant


Anderson East is arguably most famous for being Miranda Lambert‘s boyfriend. Though his music career is actually beginning to pick up some steam, what recently put him back in the headlines was his girlfriend. More precisely, his feelings about his girlfriend. Because he had some endearingly sweet comments to make about the “Highway Vagabond” singer.

A Slow Rise

Anderson East
Miranda Lambert kisses boyfriend Anderson East (photo from CMT)

In an interview with Huffington Post, East shared his feelings about his career and his country star girlfriend. For those of you who don’t know much about him, East has been a rising country star for the past couple of years. However, his rise has been slow and he hasn’t met with nearly the fame or success that Lambert has. 

East released his debut album in 2009, but it really didn’t do much. Neither did his second album. However, his 2015 record, Delilah, got some notice. Critics began to discuss his work, and fans began to follow him. As East put it, “I say it’s about damn time!”

Where is Miranda?

Anderson East
Anderson East and Miranda Lambert (photo from Billboard)

His fourth studio album, Encore, is set to release in early 2018. And East is aware of the magnitude of this. “Every day I’m just incredibly grateful and freaked out that we’re in the position we’re in and people actually do care,” he said. And they should. East has songs co-written by Ed Sheeran and Chris Stapleton. But who you won’t find on his new album is his famous girlfriend, Miranda Lambert.

So why isn’t Lambert writing for him or performing backup vocals? “She just makes me look bad,” East said. “She’s unbelievably more talented than I will ever be. She’s more better-looking as well … She’s the best.” Ok, that is super sweet.

The Future

Anderson East
Miranda Lambert and Anderson East (photo from Radar Online)

And though you won’t hear Lambert on East’s new record, you will hear him on hers. He sang back up vocals for some of her tracks on The Weight of These Wings. He was also involved in some of the writing. 

So what is the future for Lambert and East? No one knows. Neither they nor the Shelton/Stefani pair have announced any future plans. But 2018 could be the year for it. Either way, one thing is for certain” Anderson East is definitely smitten with Miranda Lambert.