St. Jude’s Patient Rendition Of This Heartbreaking Song Just Went Viral…


At the 9th annual Leadership Music Dale Franklin awards, a variety of country music stars and legends were in the audience. And it turns out that the most awe-inspiring moment of the show didn’t come from any of them.

St. Jude
Ally Cameron, a St. Jude patient, stealing the show (photo from Country Music Nation)

“Angels Among Us”

According to its website, Leadership Music is “a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational organization founded in 1989 providing programs designed to further communications and understanding among facets of the entertainment business and to assist established leaders in their roles as decision makers.”

At their award ceremony were country megastars such as Vince Gill and Alabama’s Randy Owen. Both men are avid supporters of St. Jude and have a history of fundraising for the children’s organization.

As part of the program that night, members of the country music band, Little Big Town, stepped on stage. Behind them were various adults and children. One performer took center stage, guitar in hand. Under the main microphone, they began to sing the Alabama song, “Angels Among Us.” 

The children behind the singer were brave St. Jude patients. These children are all fighting off various forms of cancer.

As the children began to sing the chorus, one little girl quickly stood out.

Singing her Heart Out

Singing her heart out was Ally Cameron, a young St. Jude patients whose cancer was in remission. One of the women on stage who accompanied the children had a microphone, and she quickly realized that Ally needed to be in front of it.

She passed the mic down until it reached little Ally. At first, Ally was understandably shy. She pulled back and shook her head. But after just a moment of coaxing, she boldly sang directly into it and carried the song with the lead singer. 

It was unexpected, and enormously moving.

Ally was all smiles, and with the help of warm applause from the audience, continued the song. Her friends on stage applauded her after her heartfelt performance. The emotionally-moved audience gave her a standing ovation.

Her performance can be seen in the video above. It was a tremendously touching moment of bravery from a tremendously brave young girl and all of her St. Jude friends who are everyday fighting for their lives.