This Is Why Blake Shelton Will Grow A Mullet To Flex His Sexy Powers


Heavy is the head that wears the crown, they say. In this case, so is the hair! Now that he’s been crowned People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive, Shelton has plans to use his power to bring back the original business-in-the-front party-in-the-back hair: the mullet.

the mullet
Blake Shelton rocks the mullet (photo from

“It’s officially sexy now.”

During his recent interview on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Shelton was honest about the fact that he has no intention of just letting this year slide by.

“I said this in the magazine when I did the interview for Sexiest Man Alive, that I have been fat and ugly my whole life,” Shelton said. “If only for one year I get to be sexy, I am going to milk this for everything that it’s worth.”

To that end, he laid down the law. “With this new power that has been bestowed on me, I can bring the mullet back which makes it okay for any of us to have them.”

Shelton went on to assert, “The mullet’s coming back this year,” (as a picture of his mullet hair flashed behind him). “It has to be. That used to be ugly, it’s officially sexy now.”

He said that when he thinks of sexy, he thinks of his heroes, which include Billy Ray Cyrus. Of course, Billy Ray definitely rocked the mullet-to-end-all-mullets back in the day.

You can watch his full interview below. 

“The room just got hotter”

Of course, Ellen was quick to agree that Shelton is, in fact, sexy. She noted his three-piece suit (though she joked about his gym socks) and complimented his new look. “Look how sexy you look,” she said. “The room just got hotter, it really did.”

Shelton replied, “You can’t be the sexiest man alive, unless you’re the sexiest man alive.”

The two went on to discuss how the other significant people are handling the news.

One of them is Adam Levine, the other coach on The Voice. Levine won the tile in 2013. According to Shelton, “He’s like the good-looking guy on The Voice anyway, but Adam’s not happy because he was the only sexy guy on the panel until this new law of the land was enforced by People magazine.”

The pair also joked about Shelton’s girlfriend, Gwen Stefani. Ellen said no one would notice Gwen now that Blake is so sexy. He agreed, but said he thinks she can handle it because she has “a big enough heart.” Degeneres replied that Gwen “has a good personality, and that’s all that counts.”

Let’s just hope that Shelton uses his new power for good and not for the mullet.