Don’t Miss Your Chance To ‘Dress Up’ Shania Twain In THIS New Video Game


Have you ever listened to a Shania Twain song and thought, “Man, I wish she were in a video game.” To be honest, this writer hasn’t. Now, thanks to Home Street, she is, and it sounds like fun.

Home Street
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Home Street

It’s been a big year for Shania Twain. Her new album, Nowis her first full-length studio album in 15 years. It’s already smashed the charts since its September 29 release. Additionally, she just released a sexy new Christmas duet with longtime friend Nick Jonas. So what could be next for Twain? How about a video game?

According to Variety, Home Street is from a London-based game developer named Supersolid. Apparently, this is the company responsible for bringing the Canadian country star into partnership with her label, Universal Music Group Nashville. 

Since its October 12 release, there have been nearly 4 million downloads of Home Street.

The premise of the game is to let players create their characters and then design their dream homes. Home Street also has guest characters, which your character can interact with. Shania Twain, as you might have guessed, is one of those characters.

Home Street
Shania Twain (photo from


Twain’s avatar isn’t a permanent fixture in the game. The developers of Home Street plan on having a whole rotation of guests drop in at different times. They want to make sure the experience stays fresh.

While Twain’s avatar is there, you can engage with her in several ways. One of her tasks is to take players through stores. A special billboard in those stores plays two music videos from her new album. In addition, there’s a Q&A forum where players can submit questions to Twain so that she can answer them.

Although the game is free to download from the App Store on iOS and Google Play for Android, there are some in-game purchases. Players can buy Shania Twain outfit items and an interactive guitar for their avatar to use. These bundles start at $4.99.

One thing Twain continues to do is to surprise her fans. This isn’t surprising because she built her career on forging new paths. She was one of the first pop-country crossovers, and she redefined what it meant to be a woman in country music. And now, we can interact with her in a whole new realm.