Sex, Scandals, and Lies: The 7 Biggest Cheaters In Country Music


Country music may have a rich tradition of hearth, home, family, and devotion. But don’t let it fool you. There’s also a rich history of sex, scandals, and lies. Though some of those scandals oddly enough resulted in some of the greatest love stories, they certainly had a tawdry beginning. So who are the biggest cheaters in country? We have the ultimate list.

1) Johnny Cash

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Johnny Cash (photo from Rolling Stone)

There’s a reason Johnny Cash wrote and recorded “Walk The Line” when he married June Carter. Because it was no secret in Nashville that Cash was quite the womanizer. And that might not have been a big issue, except that he was married. And according to his first wife, Vivian, that womanizing was what led to his affair with June– and the end of his marriage to Vivian. 

Vivian actually wrote a book about her marriage to Johnny Cash, I Walked The Line: My Life with Johnny. What is most interesting is that, despite the rumors about her husband’s infidelities (and admitted drug use), she claims June was the aggressor. Apparently, their marriage began to sour almost immediately after Johnny began touring and his fame grew. She was at home with their children, while he was on the road– often with June.

“She’d say, If I only could have traveled with him instead of being here raising four kids, things would have been different,'” recalled longtime friend Alice Smith of Ventura. “She said that a lot.” 

But alas, things were not. And though Vivian continued to profess her love for Johnny up until her death in 2005, it was she who filed for divorce in 1966. After that, the rest is history. Johnny and June remained married until her death in 2003, with him following just four months later. 

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