Sam Hunt

Sam Hunt Uploads a Confusing Facebook Cover Photo

By C. Murph | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-17

Sam Hunt
Sam Hunt is teasing his fans about a potential new album (photo from Taste of Country)

Sam Hunt has been putting together his new album for most of this year; he’s even writing songs on the toilet. But now he’s just teasing Hunt fans.

On October 11, he updated a Facebook cover photo that caused an uproar of fandom craziness.

New album cover? A cryptic message? A mistake?

The image is simply a gray box with a smaller black square inside of it. This, to some people, was a sign of things to come. For other people, it was more of a disappointment.

Sam Hunt
The image that Sam Hunt uploaded as his new Facebook cover photo

“Something is coming,” Jennifer Schmittle commented. “…I can’t imagine how you’re going to top Montevallo…but bring it on. Your fans are ready! Please please please tell me you’re headlining next year also.”

“He updated his cover and profile pic,” Hunt fan Karina Oliveira said. “Maybe just maybe we are getting new music and maybe he is doing a tour soon!!!

“Um,” posted Valerie Link, “I would rather see a picture of you on there…. but the black square definitely gets the attention and so goes the conversation.”

Some fans were confused, thinking the image was just an error.

“Before I read the comments I thought there was something wrong with my phone!” said Marlene Gilmore. “Lol. I kept [tapping] on the black box… Nothing happened so I restarted my phone!! Still nothing so then I read the comments! Lol… I hope it’s a sign for new music too!!!”

One fan even posted a funny image in the comments:

Sam Hunt
“Waiting for Sam Hunt to release a new CD”

This doesn’t really tell us anything, though.

What we do know is that Hunt keeps breaking records. His song, “Make You Miss Me,” climbed to No. 1, making him the first solo male artist to top Billboard‘s Country Airplay chart four times with singles from a debut album since the chart started in January 1990. Other chart-toppers include “Take Your Time,” “Leave the Night On,” and “House Party,” all four of which are from his 2014 album, “Montevallo.”

We do know that he’s constantly writing and thinking of new ideas, as most artists probably are.

“It’s hard for me to balance those two worlds,” he says. “I’m just collecting as many ideas as I can, whether they’re mine or someone else’s and just getting ready to go back and hole up in Nashville this fall and find out what works best for the future of our music.”

He continued, explaining how he’s trying to find the message he wants to deliver to fans.

“I am trying to draw inspiration from [life in the spotlight], but it’s pretty much been stages and hotel rooms for the past two years,” Hunt told The Boot. “So I’m trying to figure out right now exactly what I want to say and what I want my voice to be for the second record.”

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