Major Country Star Makes HUGE Announcement… Fans Ecstatic


If you’re looking to add some redneck to your country Christmas, look no further. Robert Earl Keen’s 6th annual Christmas tour is in full swing. And this is definitely not your average holiday concert.

Robert Earl Keen
Robert Earl Keen Christmas Concert (photo from Wide Open Country)

REK’s Fam-O-Lee Back To The Country Jamboree

Keen has been keen on Christmas since his 1994 release of “Merry Christmas From the Family.” A delightful holiday number, the song celebrates drunkenness, cigarettes, third wives, and first cousins. It’s a redneck holiday staple.

The inspiration for the show came when he realized that the only song people were really interested in was “Merry Christmas From the Family.” So instead of looking out at a crowd of people waiting around for that song, they decided to build the whole show around it.

This year, he is expanding the show outside of its normal Houston base. “It’s been my dream to take the Christmas tour out of Houston ever since we formatted it, he said in an interview with Wide Open Country.

It’s a sort of country-concert-meets-variety show. Appearing with him are Elizabeth Cook, Doyle & Debbie, Robert Ellis, and the Quebe Sisters. Each year, there is a different theme; this year’s is country-rock. All the band members dress up in characters that embody the theme, although Keen has the final decision on character selection.

Robert Earl Keen
Robert Earl Keen Christmas concert (photo from Guitar Aficionado)

Expect the Unexpected

Even Keen admits that he doesn’t always know what’s going to take place at the show. 

“It just happens willy-nilly,” Keen says. “One year Trace Adkins showed up at our San Antonio show. I didn’t really know him, and he wanted to sing ‘Copenhagen,’ which is not a Christmas song. But I was like, ‘Great!’ And he’s like six foot six, so he’s kind of a giant, and he leans over to me on stage and says, ‘Hey man I wrote my own verse and I want to sing it.’ Not only did he not stutter, but the verse was really, really funny. I was like, ‘Damn man, nice job!’”

What he does promise, however, is a good time! And that “if you’re not in the Christmas spirit, come to this show and I guarantee you will be by the time you walk out.” The concert dates run from November 28-Dec 30.