Luke Bryan And Blake Shelton Once Again Proved To Be The Hilarious Duo We Know Them As


Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton are never funnier than when they are together. The pair has had a lot of practice as a comedic duo and they seriously just get better as they go. Bryan has a frat boy charm that makes him amiable and likable. Shelton has a dry sense of humor. Together, they blend seamlessly, as this AMC Award opening shows. Watch the two hilariously poke fun and take jabs as the audience roars.

Shelton vs. Bryan

Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton (photo from Just Jared)

Shelton took the first swing. He opened the show with a shoutout to the Sherwin Williams Company for “spray painting Luke’s jeans onto him tonight.” Luke didn’t miss the opportunity to take a few quick spin around so the audience could appreciate the booty-huggling denim he had on. Then Shelton mentioned what a Motel 6 and Luke’s jeans had in common: “there’s no ball-room.”

Bryan didn’t back down. He acknowledged that Shelton had thrown down the gauntlet early. Luke said that “Blake’s jeans are like buying something on credit–nothing up front.” The look on Shelton’s face was the perfect comedic response. It was definitely an if-looks-could-kill type of stare.

Bryan Recruits Clarkson

Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton (photo from Pinterest)

The two really revved the audience after Blake told the audience that he and Bryan are actually friends in real life. Bryan agreed, saying, “Yeah, this isn’t some made up country fiction life that show Nashville, where a faded, aging country superstar is forced to team up with a hot, young sensation.” Even Bryan couldn’t contain his laughter as he delivered the joke.

Even Kelly Clarkson entered into the mix. Bryan said hello to her in the audience. Shelton mentioned that Clarkson had recently become engaged. When Blake said that the man she was engaged to was his manager, Luke congratulated Clarkson’s fiancé for “finally surrounding himself with some real talent.” The pair also acknowledged the Duck Dynasty stars in the crowd.

More To Come

AMC, Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan
Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan (photo from Sounds Like Nashville)

With Blake and Luke on competing shows this year (Shelton on The Voice and Bryan on American Idol), no doubt the two will make many more jokes at each other’s expense. But that’s what makes them so lovable together, so we can’t wait. You can watch their entire AMC Awards opening in the video below.