Duck Dynasty, country music, CMA

Remember When Duck Dynasty Crashed the CMAs (and people roasted Obama)?

By C. Murph | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-11-02

Duck Dynasty, country music, CMA
The Robertson’s made an appearance at the 2013 CMA Awards and had some points to make (source: People)

If you watched the 47th annual CMAs in 2013, you may have thought it was a make-fun-of-Obama event. Why? Because some of the biggest country stars that year ripped on – President Obama’s doing.

Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood hosted that year, and they had some snide comments. Paisley said his back hurt and needed to get some medical attention. Underwood asked if had signed up for ObamaCare yet.

“ObamaCare, what’s that?” Paisley asked.

“Oh, it’s great!” Underwood replied. “I started signing up last Thursday and I’m almost done!”

She then acted as if she were helping Paisley sign up for ObamaCare and “join the six other people” who signed up.

The crowd loved it. They clapped and cheered after the bit.

When George Staight won Entertainer of the Year, he played his song, “Amarillo by Morning,” but changed the lyrics to, “ObamaCare by morning / Why’s this taking so long? / I’m going to end up with hemorrhoids / If I sit here ’til dawn.”

And that’s when Duck Dynasty came into the picture.

Willie and Jase Roberton showed up with their wives to perform a redneck version of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” (see a not-so-high-quality video of that below).

Duck Dynasty makes an appearance at the 2013 CMA Awards

Probably no one in the audience could predict what would happen next — the Robertsons started twerking. Paisley and Underwood sang, “I’m going to grow a beard and go out hunting… ‘Duck Dynasty‘ guys dance to Robin Thicke / We tried to get nasty talking ‘Duck Dynasty.’”

The Robertsons also gave out the first award of the night, Single of the Year, to Florida Georgia Line for their song “Cruise.”

Duck Dynasty elsewhere in country music

Willie Robertson and Colt Ford made a video together for Ford's "Cut 'Em All" (source: Q Political)
Willie Robertson and Colt Ford made a video together for Ford’s “Cut ‘Em All” (source: Q Political)

The members of Duck Dynasty are not new to country music. 

Si Robertson (“Uncle Si” on the show) is trying to start his own country music career, saying, “I have a musical career that I’m trying to start right now.”

“I sing country music,” he said. “George Jones, Merle Haggard, the old guys. Trying to bring real country music back.”

Additionally, Willie Robertson was in a Colt Ford music video for “Cut ‘Em All.” In the video, Willie plays a detective who is searching the Tennessee forest for a three-footed duck named Diggs. The video is as weird as it sounds.

And, as you may know, Jase Robertson’s son Reed is a country artist. The young singer just got married, and he’s open for booking as a speaker and/or musician. His Facebook about section simply reads, “My life is awesome!” As for his music, it’s not bad. He’s got a pleasant voice and his melodies are catchy.

Reed Robertson — “I’ll Be The One”



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