Relationship Recap: Miranda Lambert, Cheater and Home-Wrecker


Looking back on the relationships of Miranda Lambert, one has to wonder. Is she a home-wrecker? The “Highway Vagabond” singer seems to burn through guys. And not all of those men are single. In fact, some are quite married, as evidenced by her ex-husband Blake Shelton and new boyfriend Evan Felker. Here is a relationship recap of her life as a cheater to help you decide if she’s being happy or being a home-wrecker. 

Blake Shelton: The Beginning

Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, cheater, relationship, home-wrecker
Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton at the 56th GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on January 26, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.

It’s ironic that Blake Shelton recently called out Miranda Lambert for starting a new relationship with a married man. Because, in their marriage, that married man was, in fact, Blake Shelton. 

Shelton met Lambert in 2005 as part of CMT’S 100 Greatest Duets concert. Together, they performed “You’re The Reason God Made Oklahoma.” The song was pretty apropos considering that Oklahoma is Blake’s native state and it turned out that Miranda was his future wife. Regardless, there was a bit of an issue. 

Blake Shelton was married.

According to Country Fancast, Shelton married Kanyette Williams in late 2003. The two were high school sweethearts, both having graduated from the same high school in Ada, OK. So it was during their marriage that he met Miranda Lambert. In an interview about meeting Lambert, Shelton said, “We were singing as part of a duets concert that CMT was putting on. They paired me with Miranda, and we were on stage for rehearsal, and I don’t know, something just happened, and we both knew it.”

Kanyette Williams knew it, too. She filed for divorce in 2006, citing “inappropriate marital conduct.”

So Blake Shelton really doesn’t have room to throw shade at Lambert. On the other hand, Miranda Lambert does come out looking like the home-wrecker, even if the affair wasn’t her idea. 

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