Reba And Sister Susie Come Together On THIS Stunning Performance


Reba McEntire is certainly the most well-known member of her family, but she isn’t the only talent. So what happens when you take a song as beautiful as “Sky Full of Angels” and add two McEntire voices to it? Something quite magical. 

Sky Full of Angels
Sisters Susie McEntire and Reba McEntire (photo from Faith & Fitness Magazine)

The Singing McEntires 

The singing bug was infectious in the McEntire household. According to Country Rebel, Reba’s mother was an inspiring country music artist, and her siblings enjoyed singing, as well. In fact, her family was so musical that Reba and two of her siblings created a small musical group, The Singing McEntires. The trio sang at local rodeos and events. They even released an original song, “The Ballad of John McEntire.”

One particularly talented sibling is Reba‘s younger sister, Susie McEntire (Susie was one of the Singing McEntires.)

In the early 1980s, Susie actually toured with Reba. In doing so, she laid the foundation for her own solo career, though her music is country gospel. As her website mentions, she has won numerous awards and nomination from TNN, GMA, and CCMA. She’s also been named  “Artist of the Year” several times in the field of Positive Country Music. And she has had four No. 1 singles on the Positive Country Music chart.

So it isn’t surprising that Reba enlisted the help of her sister to create a stunning version of her hit song, “Sky Full of Angels.” You can listen below.

“Sky Full of Angels”

The song carries a  very upbeat tempo and swinging feel. It’s definitely country-meets-gospel-revival.

The message of the track is incredibly positive and uplifting. The song focuses on not having fear because God has ordained a “sky full of angels” to watch over us. You can listen to Reba singing that you may take away her gold, but you won’t take her happiness because she has something so much better.

What is striking is how similar the two sisters’ voices are. They trade off verses, and at times it is difficult to distinguish them. However, they are dissimilar enough that the combination easily showcases each of their talents.

If you’re a fan of Reba’s transition into country gospel (including her faith-based double album, Sing It Now: Songs of Faith & Hope), this will definitely be one for your collection. But even if that isn’t your jam, this is a great listen for any Reba fan.