Road-Tripping 101 With Reba McEntire


As a touring performer, Reba McEntire spends a lot of time on her bus. So of course she knows a thing or two about how to what to do on a road trip. As well as what not to do. In an interview on Ty, Kelly, and Chuck, she shared three rules that you need to know for when you decide to take to the road.

3. Cartographers, Raise Your Hands

Reba McEntire, road trip
Reba McEntire (photo from Country Music Magazine)

When they asked her about her first rule for the road, Reba McEntire asked, “Who’s the best map reader?” Of course, the answer was Siri. No one really reads maps anymore, thanks to smart phones. But it endearingly gave some insight into just how long she’s been touring. 

2. Lie If You Have To

Reba McEntire, road
Reba McEntire (photo from Billboard)

Reba‘s next rule for the road is pretty ingenious, if not deceptive. “Always, and this is the best thing,” she said, “claim to have car sickness.” As she explained, “You always get to sit up front.” Given that the three hosts asked her about her rules because of a road trip they were taking shortly, it wasn’t super helpful. After all, they were all then in on the secret (“Nobody feels good!” one of them joked). But if no one else is using the trick, it’s certainly one to pull out to get yourself into shotgun.

1. Know When To Say When

Reba McEntire, road
Reba McEntire in stunning cowboy boots (photo from Pinterest)

Lastly, Reba McEntire shared what may be her most important rule. Know when to fly. And we literally mean get on an airplane and fly away. “I have gotten off the bus before, and said pull up to that airport, I’m flying!” she said. Apparently she went though a phase where her tour bus kept breaking down and she was just over it. She said it was so bad that both she and her bus driver got off. He flew home and she flew to her concert in Idaho.

Of course, she left out one important road-tripping rule. Make sure that you have an awesome Reba McEntire playlist. Because who else is better to take on the road with you than the queen of country?

You can watch her interview in the video below.