Hilarious 4-Year Old Channels Her Inner Reba McEntire Singing ‘Fancy’


Welcome to the cutest version of “Fancy” ever recorded. When Reba McEntire released the hit song in 1990, she had to know that many people would go on to cover it. But it is doubtful that she foresaw someone as absolutely adorable as this 4-year old girl taking it on. And doing it with incredible sass. Here are 5 things to love about this video.

5. She’s 4 and Singing Reba McEntire

Reba McEntire, "Fancy", girl
Reba McEntire (photo from Country Music Magazine)

Just the fact that a 4-year old is singing a Reba McEntire hit is awesome. The fact that it is “Fancy” just makes it more so. Because clearly she has no concept of what the story is about. Yet, she absolutely sings it like she does. She adds the perfect emphasis to the right parts of the song and sounds like she is all that and a bag of chips. It is just so ridiculously cute.

4. “Food”

Reba McEntire, "Fancy", girl
Reba McEntire (photo from Nash Country Daily)

Pay attention at 19 seconds in. The line is, “We didn’t have money for food or rent, to say the least we were hard-pressed.” The emphasis on “FOOD” is hysterical. It’s also adorable that she didn’t quite know how to pronounce “hard-pressed.”

3. “Curled My Hair”

Reba McEntire, "Fancy", girl
Reba McEntire (photo from Focus)

Shortly after she sings the line about food, the hilarious little girl sings “Mama washed and combed and curled my hair.” Not only is her inflection really cute and funny, but she adds a sweet little vocal twang to it. Also just before these lines she sings about her mama buying her a dancing dress. She has the most hilarious look on her face, as if she knows just exactly what that means.

2. She Blows a Kiss

Reba McEntire, "Fancy", girl
Reba McEntire, ca. 2015
courtesy BMLG FREE

At around the 1:03 mark, she sings the line, “Mama dabbed a little bit of perfume on my neck then she kissed my cheek.” And just after she mentions the kiss, this little sweetheart blows a kiss. It is an honest-to-goodness laugh out loud moment. So amazingly adorable.

1. “Just be nice to the gentleman”

Reba McEntire
Reba McEntire (photo from fanart.tv)

Once again, this little girl obviously has no real concept about what the lyrics mean. But she just nails them. When she sings, “Just be nice to the gentleman, Fancy, they’ll be nice to you,” she is on point. She even lowers her voice as if giving motherly instruction. It is so funny and cute that even her compadres in the car start giggling. 

You can watch this 4-year old sass up “Fancy” in the video below, and then let us know what your favorite moment is.