Check Out Reba McEntire’s Amazing Collection of Celebrity Selfies!


Reba McEntire is so famous, of course people want to pose with her for selfies. Which is always fun. But what is more fun is seeing her post her own celebrity selfies. Because even the Queen of Country enjoys meeting and hanging with famous people!

Downton Abbey Love

Got to meet @thedanstevens!

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So in case you don’t recognize the name Dan Stevens, you might well remember Matthew Crawley. Dan and Reba got to hang out together on the Today Show. And make fun of each other’s accents. 

He’s A Pirate

Even Reba McEntire swoons over the gorgeous Johnny Depp. And we love that she referenced Chocolat in her post. That’s a perennial favorite of this author.

Old Friends

I loved having lunch with my friend, Shirley McClain. What a sweetheart!

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Reba McEntire having lunch with the great Shirley McClain is adorable. It’s awesome to see such amazing and powerful women enjoying such a great bond. 

American Dynasty

Imagine the honor of celebrating with the wonderful Barbara Bush. The Bush’s are an American political dynasty, it makes sense to invite the Queen of Country. We wonder if Mrs. Buch got to have McEntire sing the “Happy Birthday” for her.

The First Sexiest Man from The Voice

Watch us, @adamlevine and me on @NBCTheVoice tonight:))))) #adamlevine

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Reba spent a bit of time doing some advising on The Voice in 2015. And seeing all the smiles in the caption, she was pretty excited to spend time with Adam Levine. Levine, of course, enjoyed wearing the Sexiest Man Alive crown before his friend and rival Blake Shelton did.

Genre Mix

Being on The Voice also gave Reba some time with a friend from a completely different music genre. Here she is with rapper Pharrell Williams. 


These gals know how to have fun!!!!! @klgandhoda #toomuchfun

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Here is McEntire hanging with Kathy Lee and Hoda during one of her appearances on the Today Show. We love her neutral outfit between the two chartreuse dresses. And it’s clear how much fun the three are having.

Women of Song

There is so much to love about this photo. First of all, seeing Bette Midler and Reba McEntire is simply amazing. But what’s also so cool is that neither of the two icons are wearing much, if any makeup. It’s just so real. And it also shows that they are both just as beautiful, regardless. So here’s to women who are comfortable enough to love their friends and not care that the world sees them as they are.

Women of Film

Lily Tomlin was cast in Reba‘s show Malibu County, though the show didn’t stay on the air long. Their friendship, however, is a different story.

The Man Everyone Loves

Who doesn’t love Tom Hanks! Reba McEntire is just like the rest of America, if not the world, in that regard. 

So thanks to Reba for posting her celebrity selfies and showing us just how real she really is.

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