You May Know Her From The Voice, But You Didn’t Know This…


You may know her from The Voice, but RaeLynn isn’t just about singing. She’s a country girl with a story to tell. That story includes joining the ranks of military spouses, and she has a few things to say about it.

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The 23-year-old Racheal Lynn Woodward (now known as RaeLynn) is a native Texan who made her first splash in music on Season 2 of the competition show, The Voice. Her elimination became a tumultuous sticking point in the show, particularly for Blake Shelton (it was his decision).

But she didn’t stay down. Just five years after her elimination, she has a hit record and a new marriage. 

Her debut album, Wild Horses, offers insight into both her life and her marriage. Two of the tracks are particularly gritty. “Love Triangle” takes the perspective of a girl caught in the middle of her divorced parents (taken from her childhood). “Diamonds, really ” tells the story of her engagement and marriage to now-husband Josh Davis.

When describing the inspiration behind “Diamonds,” she said, “Anybody can buy you a ring or a nice necklace or something that has value, but … the love and meaning behind an engagement ring is what makes an engagement ring an engagement ring.”

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A Military Spouse

During her live performances, she takes a moment to honor her husband and his service. She asks the audience to hold up their cell phones or lighters. This was particularly difficult for her when her husband was in boot camp.

In an interview, she described the difficulties of life apart. One of the hardest things is that letter-writing is almost the only form of communication they have while he’s away. And she pointed out that they are often responding to past letters because of the slowness of the mail. However, she also noted that this leaves any time for arguing.

But when she speaks of her husband, she leaves no doubt that she’s is in it for the long haul.

“I would rather not see Josh but once a year and be married to [him] than be married to anybody else. He is the light of my life in so many ways.”