Think You Could Be Best Friends With Miranda Lambert?


Miranda Lambert has a few qualities she’s looking for in a friend. Or so her song says. Thanks to “We Should Be Friends” we have a list of the type of BFF Lambert wants. Part of her Weight of These Wings album, the song wasn’t a huge hit but it’s really cute. Set to an adorable video of her getting her hair done in a beauty salon, it details all the things to keep an eye out for if you’re in the market to find a bestie.

Be A Little Scattered

Miranda Lambert, We Should Be Friends
Miranda Lambert (photo from

According to Miranda Lambert, any friend of hers is a bit messy both in her home and in her head. So don’t worry if you’re a bit untidy or a bit spacey. Because as she puts it, if your mind’s as cluttered as your kitchen sink and if all your white t-shirts have stains then you’re the girl for her. 

Serve It With A Side of Crazy

Miranda Lambert, Should We Be Friends?
Miranda Lambert (photo from

Lambert is certainly not the strong silent type. She is the genuine article, even if that means a little crazy on the side. And as they say, birds of a feather. But you have to love how much she owns her crazy. I wrote the book / On losing sleep and gaining weight / On pain and shame and crazy trains she sings.

Be A Little Blackhearted

Miranda Lambert, We Should be Friends
Miranda Lambert (photo from First for Women)

No stranger to love or loss, Miranda Lambert operates like any true Texan. She pulls herself up by her bootstraps and gets the job done. So she certainly doesn’t want some softhearted BFF. If your heart’s as empty as your diesel tank and if you’ve got some guts and got some ink, well then you might just be her friend. 

Don’t Back Down

Miranda Lambert, We Should be Friends
Miranda Lambert (photo from

And just like Lambert expects you to be a little coldhearted, she also expects that you’re not going to back down from a fight. Especially over things that matter. If you’re looking for love but willing to fight / Over men and momma’s and Miller Lite, well then / We should be friends.

Beer Besties

Miranda Lambert, We Should be Friends
Miranda Lambert (photo from Us Weekly)

And last but not least, you better like your beer. Miranda Lambert isn’t shy about her penchant for booze, so it makes sense she wants a friend who will imbibe with her. If you dream all day and drink all night and if you use alcohol as a sedative, then you should be her friend.

So even if you aren’t looking to be Miranda Lambert‘s best friend (and how cool would that be), these are certainly some key ingredients for any great BFF. You can watch the video to “We Should Be Friends” below.