Miranda Lambert Does Stunning Acoustic Cover of “Crazy”


Miranda Lambert has a gorgeous classic country voice. And she proved it when she covered the famous Pasty Cline hit, “Crazy”. She was standing on stage with a microphone and a single musician strumming an acoustic guitar. And with only that, she delivered a stunning stripped-down performance of that classic country anthem.

Making It Her Own

Miranda Lambert, Crazy, Patsy Cline
Miranda Lambert (photo from First for Women)

Lambert‘s version of “Crazy” definitely paid homage to Patsy Cline. But she also made it her own. Miranda Lambert has her signature Texas grit in both her personality and her music. And it showed up in some of her notes in her “Crazy” performance. What is great is that it didn’t detract from her version. It made it hers. Her version felt deeply personal and intimate. And given her history with heartache and loss, that it isn’t surprising.

Patsy Cline Made It Great

country singer
Cline (photo from www.biography.com)

What is interesting is that most people assume that Miranda Lambert was covering Patsy Cline’s song. And she was…sort of. Cline released the song in 1961 and it immediately became an instant classic. Heard on jukeboxes around the world since that time, Cline’s first line of “Crazy” is one of the most iconic sounds in country music. But actually, Cline’s version was a cover, also.

“Crazy” is actually Willie Nelson’s song. Nelson both wrote and recorded the song, but his version never caught on the way Cline’s did. Pasty’s husband, Charlie Dick, had the idea of Cline singing it.

Willie Tells The Story

Miranda Lambert, Patsy Cline, Crazy
Miranda Lambert (photo from savingcountrymusic.com)

As Nelson told the story, “”I had just come from Texas and I had recorded “Night Life” and “Crazy” and had it on a 45 on the jukebox trying to get some attention drawn to it in Nashville and Tootsie let me put it on her jukebox. Charlie said, ‘…that is a fantastic song. Patsy would love to do that, I’ll bet’ and I said, ‘I’d love for her to do it.’ He said, ‘Let’s go play it for her’. This was like 12:30 at night. So we went over to her house and had a couple of beers. I didn’t get out of the car. Charlie went in and Patsy came out and made me get out of the car. I went in and sang it for her and she recorded it the next week.”

Of course, Cline’s cover is the one we all think of now. And when we hear someone like Miranda Lambert cover it, we remember just why we love it so much. You can see Miranda’s performance of it in the video below.