Is Miranda Lambert Contradicting Herself About Her Divorce With Blake Shelton?


She didn’t publicly speak about it for two years. She drank heavily. Then she produced a record she referred to as her side of the story. It was a story that shook Nashville to its core. Now, Miranda Lambert says that her divorce from Blake Shelton wasn’t a big deal. 

Blake Shelton Gets The Divorce

Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, divorce
Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert (photo from Taste of Country)

When Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert divorced, people were shocked. Despite the persistent infidelity rumors (on both sides), no one really saw it coming. At least, not that fast. Shelton announced the divorce in mid-2015, and they were divorced in just a few short months. In fall of that year, he officially announced his relationship with Gwen Stefani. No one thought Miranda Lambert wasn’t hurt. Or that she didn’t have a right to be. 

After their divorce, Miranda Lambert didn’t speak publicly about it for two years. She even once abruptly stopped a press conference after a reporter tried to broach the subject. And when she did open up about it, it seemed clear it was a significant event in her life. 

Miranda Lambert Finally Speaks Out

Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton, divorce
Miranda Lambert (photo from Us Weekly)

Lambert gave her first interview about the divorce to Billboard in 2017. This was on the heels of her double-album, The Weight of These Wings.” It was clear that her divorce, and the pain of it, was part of that project. In that interview, she said that the album said what she needed to say about the end of her marriage. “I just didn’t need to talk about the record,” she explained. “If you want to hear my side of the story or my opinion of what happened, it’s all on there. There’s no mystery anymore– take from it what you will.”

She even told the story of writing “Vice” the day the news of her divorce publicly broke all over the internet. “I walked in with guns blazing,” said Lambert. “I was like, ‘Let’s feel it all.” She continued, “I was ready to have the days where I can’t even stand up and the days where I’m celebrating.” 

Miranda Lambert also confessed at one of her concerts, “I got divorced so I started drinking a little extra.” Add that to the fact that she recently changed the lyrics to one her songs to seemingly throw shade at Blake Shelton and it seems obvious that the divorce was a big deal. So what’s the deal with saying it wasn’t?

A Complete Change of Tune

Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton, divorce
Miranda Lambert (photo from First for Women)

In a recent interview with Cleveland’s CleveScene, Miranda Lambert displayed an entirely different attitude about the split. “I didn’t make a divorce record. It’s not a divorce album,” she said. “Divorce isn’t a big enough deal to deserve an entire record. It’s part of the story, but I found happiness and playfulness on this record. It’s a little dramatic to call it a divorce album.”

Is she serious when she says that divorce “isn’t a big enough deal?” That seems like a complete contradiction to all of her statements and behavior since it occurred. We don’t know why she is now denying the event, but it’s disappointing, because part of what Miranda Lambert fans love about her is her emotional honesty. And this seems anything but.