Our Favorite Divorcees Experienced The Exact Opposite Situations, Yet Both Of Them Were Equally Hilarious


2018 is barely in full swing, but Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton kicked it off with some hilarity. With snowpocalypse in the early part of the year, tours taking off, and last minute vacations, our two favorite divorcees found themselves in exactly opposite situations– but both equally amusing.

Miranda Lambert Has A Snow Day

Miranda Lambert is typically pretty quiet on social media. But when she does post something, it’s pretty darn hilarious. Her Instagram snow-day video is no exception. 

Thanks to the weird winter of 2018, Nashville found itself covered in the powdery white stuff. So Lambert was having a bit of a time getting herself out for her tour. Dressed in 1,000 layers of clothes, the barely-visible Miranda makes an announcement that begins, “Hello. This is me.”

Makes us laugh every time. It also smacks of Adele (one Country tweeted a video with Adele’s “Hello” echoing Miranda in the video).

She goes on to say, “Literally pulling my luggage to my bus in my little red wagon because I’m trapped on my hill and I’m leaving for tour in 4 hours. It’s the most cliche, ridiculous thing that’s ever happened to me.” It’s also funny that she finds that cliche because we aren’t sure that any of us have ever pulled luggage in a little red wagon down a snow-covered hill. You can watch her full snow experience in the video above.

And while Lambert was trudging through winter, Shelton was kindling a bromance on the beach.

Blake Shelton Kisses Luke Bryan

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Blake Shelton greets Luke Bryan with a friendly smooch (photo from Entertainment Tonight)

It is indeed a small world. When Blake Shelton was vacationing with Gwen Stefani in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, they happened to run into his best frenemy, Luke Bryan. Bryan was there for his Crash My Playa event, which is a 4-day mini-festival at a private resort. 

Shelton and Stefani were strolling down the beach when the pair spotted the “Kill The Lights” singer. And how did Shelton celebrate the moment? With a hug and a kiss for his friend. The Sexiest Man Alive definitely has a sense of humor. Thanks to ET Online for catching the moment.

2018 is still pretty new, so we can’t wait to see what hilarity the rest of the year brings.