THIS Is What Luke Bryan Wants Every Fan To Know About HIM


In a new interview, Luke Bryan laid it all out. The “Country Girl” singer was candid about his life, his career, and his happiness. More than anything, he reminded us that country isn’t just music– it’s a way of life.

makes you country
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“Country things”

Bryan‘s interview with PEOPLE came shortly before the release of his new album, What Makes You Country.” And he was clear that the album title wasn’t an accident. He selected it because it represents his way of life.

Bryan said the happiest times of his life are when he is huntin’, fishin’, and lovin’– so no surprise he wrote a song about it. His new album continues to symbolize his values and speak about his love of all things country. 

“What makes me proud to be country is the fact that I’ve navigated so many aspects of this career and held on to being country in a lot of ways,” says Bryan, who enjoys spending time with his two sons, Thomas Boyer, 9, and Tatum “Tate” Christopher, 7, as well as his nephew, Til, 15, who lives with Bryan. “I wake up, I get to go take my boys out and do country things.”

But that isn’t the only thing that makes Bryan an authentic country star. 

makes you country
Luke Bryan (photo from The Trending Report)

“Come to the party”

Despite his incredible amount of fortune and fame, Bryan said that attributes his success to remaining true to himself and his values.

“I’ve gotten to follow all my dreams and still remained true to who I am as a person,” he says. “My lifestyle, hopefully, has inspired people to be positive and have fun and not take yourself too seriously — life’s serious enough.”

His life has been “serious enough.” He lost both a brother and a sister, and as a result, is raising his nieces and nephew. But despite that, you can’t doubt he is having fun. Watching him on stage, you can sense his joy as he performs.

“So when I’m on stage, I just try to be as country as I can and let people see that and let people have fun with that,” says Bryan. “Be proud of what makes you country — what little aspect of your life that makes you country, own it and love it.”

“There’s room for everybody to be country,” he adds. “Come to the party, just be happy about the little things in your life that makes you country or the lot of things in your life that makes you country.”