3 Times Luke Bryan Dealt With Crazy Fans Like A Boss


Luke Bryan puts on a hell of a show. But that doesn’t mean that things always go as planned. Sometimes, even for the best performers, weird and hilarious things happen on stage. And Bryan is no exception. Check out these three completely unexpected moments that interrupted his performance– and see how he responds. 

3. Lauren Alaina Shakes It As A Country Girl

Last year, Lauren Alaina was on tour with Luke Bryan. Watching from offstage, Alaina watched Bryan’s classic “Country Girl (Shake It For Me).” And mid-song, she slyly stepped onto the stage and surprised him. Far from being thrown off, Bryan looked completely delighted.

“Heeeey!” he shouted to her before giving her a big side hug. Alaina smiled and waved to the crowd but she also took a brief moment to show Bryan that she is definitely a country girl who knows how to shake it. You can see her appear on-stage at around the 3:50 mark. 

2. The Fight Goes On

I have to think that Luke Bryan kneeling down with his face six inches from mine would grab my attention. But apparently, that isn’t true for everyone. At one performance, Bryan was in mid-set when he spied a couple on the front row that was clearly having an argument. Bryan finally came over and knelt down on stage, looking directly at them. The woman was mid-rant and it absolutely did not slow her down. Watch that unexpected moment in the video above and see how Luke decides to deal with it.

1. Just Say No To Blake Shelton

One way to throw Luke Bryan off his game is to bring frenemy Blake Shelton into the mix. One fan decided to hold up a tee-shirt with Shelton’s face on it just before the “Kill The Lights” singer began his set. Why are you holding a Blake Shelton t-shirt up?” Bryan asked. “I don’t wanna see him.” They said that they wanted Bryan to draw a face on Shelton. Bryan finally agreed, saying he would “deface the hell out of him later.” The crowd loved it.

Luke Bryan is back on tour for 2018, so hopefully, we will see even more hilarious and unexpected performance moments. 

Luke Bryan, performance
Luke Bryan (photo from Tulsa World)