Watch Luke Bryan Cover The Last Song You’d Ever Expect Him To Sing


Luke Bryan loves to explore genres in his live shows. He does covers of everything from George Strait to Tupac Shakur. But this particular cover of Ed Shareen is particularly epic. And partly because a few other amazing artists join him. Check out him singing “Thinking Out Loud” with Brett Eldredge and Brett Young. 

“Thinking Out Loud”

Luke Bryan, , cover, Ed Sheeran, Thinking Out Loud
Ed Sheeran (photo from Rolling Stone)

Ed Sheeran, Amy Wadge, and Jake Gosling wrote “Thinking Out Loud.” The song was a huge hit for Sheeran. It was the first song streamed over 500 million times on Spotify and gave Sheeran two Grammies. One was for Song of the Year, the other for Best Pop Performance. And of course, you can hear this at almost any wedding that happens nowadays. The song has a mix of blues and pop to it with sultry undertones to the notes, though the lyrics reflect on love and fidelity. 

“Thinking Out Loud” isn’t a song one would think of as a country song. And most country artists wouldn’t do it. But as we mentioned earlier, Luke Bryan isn’t just any country artist (some critics make the case that he isn’t a country artist at all). Either way, it’s actually an extremely cool.

Two Bretts, One Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan, , cover, Ed Sheeran, Thinking Out Loud
Brett Young (photo from Taste of Country)

This particular performance included both Brett Eldredge and Brett Young. Most country fans know Brett Eldredge. His hits include “The Long Way,” his seventh Top 10 song. He is also currently touring with Blake Shelton on his Country Music Freaks tour. Newer on the scene is Brett Young, who is already making his mark with hits like “Like I Love You” and “Sleep Without You.” Young also headlined his own tour for the first time during the fall and winter months of 2017. Together, the joined Luke Bryan on stage for this incredible performance.

An Epic Performance

Luke Bryan, New country music
Bryan performs on ABC’s “Good Morning America” outside of the Bridgestone Arena before the CMA Awards in Nashville, Tennessee, back in 2013 (photo from

Part of what makes this particular performance of “Thinking Out Loud” so epic is how much fun the three guys have trading verses. The song is actually just Luke Bryan and Brett Young. Eldredge provides some backup vocals but doesn’t get a clear shot. Bryan and Young trade-off, and there is this really cute moment when Bryan says to him, “Talk to them, Brett.” But then he steps in and takes over again before handing it back to Young. 

You can watch them deliver in the video below. And then tell us if you like their version more than Sheeran’s!