How Luke Bryan Is Pissing Off His Country Music Peers


There aren’t many people who feel very lukewarm about Luke Bryan. He’s a love ’em or hate ’em sort of artist. If you are a fan of 1990s country, you probably hate him. But if you love the modern era of bro-country, he is definitely your guy. But it isn’t just fans who have that relationship to Luke Bryan. Other artists in country music are also pissed off at him. Here’s why.


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Luke Bryan (photo from Sounds Like Nashville)

Regardless of your personal feelings about Luke Bryan, one fact cannot be disputed. He is insanely popular. Just earlier this year, he scored his 19th No. 1 hit on the Billboard Airplay charts thanks to his “Most People Are Good.” Both the Academy of Country Music and the Country Music Association awarded him the great honor of Entertainer of the Year (twice from CMA). He’s performed for more than a million fans just in 2017 alone, and is currently on a super-sized version of his tour, playing at stadiums across the country. In fact, he is the first country artist slated to play at Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles.

In addition to all that, he is also enjoying a new aspect of his career. Bryan served as a judge on the American Idol reboot, which returns for a second season next year. He also sang the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. 

No small feat for anyone, let alone a small-town Georgia boy who got his start playing clubs and frat parties while writing songs for other artists. 

So what is it that makes him so popular?

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