The Best Luke Bryan American Idol Season 1 Highlights


Luke Bryan is clearly having a ball being a judge on this first season of the American Idol reboot. Despite the fact that his show is getting creamed in the ratings by best friend and rival Blake Shelton on The Voice, Bryan is making the most of his time on the revamped reality competition singing. And he isn’t alone. Fellow judges Katy Perry and Lionel Richie are also having a blast this first season. And thanks to all three of them bonding together, there are hilarious stories of what happens off-camera. We have all the best highlights of Luke Bryan’s first season here. 

Luke Bryan Loves Lionel’s House

In a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, Luke Bryan discussed the bond that he has with fellow American Idol judges. According to Bryan, Katy Perry invited herself and Bryan to Lionel Richie’s house. “I didn’t say anything, and Katy is like, ‘Lionel, can we come over next Sunday?’ And I’m like, ‘God, I hope he says yes,'” said Bryan.

And Bryan was more than impressed.

Bryan stated that he feels good about his own house; clearly he has done quite well for himself. But apparently it is nothing next to the Richie mansion. And what is most cool about it? The ceilings. (Kimmel jokingly asked if there were footprints from everyone dancing on them.) Bryan said that every ceiling in Lionel’s house is different–and apparently each one is gorgeous. He quipped that he spent all night looking up, even when he was in the bathroom. 

“We have one thematic ceiling [at my house]. I have one that has some oak beams. But [at Richie’s] the bathrooms have different ceilings. I just walk around the whole time in the house [looking up]. It’s like a museum,” Bryan described.

And it also seems that Richie has an incredible art collection that is chock full of unique history. Bryan joked about Richie having a $7M elephant in his living room. 

American Idol Judging Is Stressful

In the same interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Luke Bryan also admitted to how stressful judging is. He said that was happy that now the public is voting on contestants, because he was taking a lot of heat for who he sent home. “They’re just ripping my concert tickets up,” he said. He joked that what is “terrible about the show” is that they have to eliminate people. Which is hilarious, as that is exactly the aim of the entire show. 

“I guess I didn’t think about [the elimination part],” he said. “I guess I thought we just magically got to one [contestant], that I didn’t have anything to do with,” he added with a laugh. Hopefully he leaves Season 1 with a better understanding of the process.

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