Do You Love Luke Bryan Enough to Pay This Much For A Candle?


In the land of Luke Bryan fandom, there’s a new gauntlet thrown down. Sure, you may own a tee shirt or two, perhaps a hat, or a tour poster. Certainly you own his albums. But would you pay $190 for a Luke Bryan candle? Because if so, you are definitely fan of the year.

Luke Bryan candle
Luke Bryan (photo from

The Luke Bryan Candle

So you may not remember this, but a few years ago the Yankee Candle Company came out with a signature Luke Bryan Candle. Celebrating Luke’s down-home heritage and love of all things country, the scent was vanilla bourbon (bourbon is basically Kentucky whiskey). Named after Bryan’s 5th album, the “Kill The Lights” candle pictured a rather adorable photo of him on the front.

Unfortunately, the candle is no longer in production. But that doesn’t mean you can’t purchase it.

Thanks to internet auction sites like eBay, you certainly can. All for a mere $186.75 (or just round up to $190 for easy numbers). At the time of this article, there was one available at that price. However, we were also able to find a second one on eBay for $300, so no worries that you won’t have a second chance. 

The price is obviously high because there are so few left and because it was so wildly popular. Bake Shelton even ribbed Bryan over the candle at the 2015 CMT Awards.

Luke Bryan candle
Luke Bryan Candle (photo from

Vanilla and Deer Urine

Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton have forever had a frenemy-bromance. So no surprise that they take digs whenever they can– all in good fun, of course.

At the 2015 CMT Awards, Shelton took the opportunity to slam Bryan’s candle. 

The whole time, I just kept thinking, ‘Man, I’ve got to get me some of these candles,’” Shelton said. “They smell exactly like Luke. It’s like vanilla with a hint of deer urine.”

“It’s vanilla bourbon, Blake, not deer urine,” Bryan said. “I’m pretty sure ‘deer urine’ has never been said at an awards show.”

“I never thought ‘Luke Bryan’ would ever be said at an awards show,” Shelton joked in reply.

If you decide you want this celebrated candle as a Christmas gift to yourself or the ultimate Luke Bryan fan in your life, there is a way around the high price tag. You can purchase the same scent in a non-Luke Bryan jar for a fraction of the cost. But if you want the real thing, be prepared to shell out some cash.