Listen to Garth’s Daughter Sing Like Her Famous Father!


Allie Brooks is proof that the apple doesn’t fall far from the musical tree. The daughter of Garth Brooks and his first wife, Sandy Mahl, Allie celebrated her milestone 21st birthday. And like her famous father, she has definitely found her voice.

The First Daughter of Country

Allie Brooks with Trisha Yearwood and father Garth Brooks (photo from Country Fancast)

If Garth Brooks is the king of country, Allie is definitely the first daughter. She’s had the opportunity to share her musical genes in a variety of settings. For one, she has posted some amazing Facebook videos.

One video is a cover of Keith Whitley’s famous “Don’t Close Your Eyes.” Wearing a tee shirt that reads “Addicted to Jesus,” Allie sits in front of her cell phone camera, plays her guitar, and delivers a stripped-down version of the heartbreaking ballad. Before beginning, she said, “This is my ultimate favorite song and I hope I do it justice. RIP Keith Whitley.” 

You can decide, but we think she definitely did it justice.

But as well as she did that, the one to definitely check out is her tribute to her father. In another simple acoustic cover, she sang Garth’s “She’s Every Woman.” In her post, she described the song as “Honestly might be the most well-written song to ever bless myself.”

You can almost hear her father’s voice in the back of her vocals, as her sound most certainly emirates from him. She also created an incredibly cool ambiance by filming it in black and white.

Fans on her page went wild. “Love love love this song and your version is special, Allie!” one fan posted. 

But she also sings on a bigger stage– to a live audience.

COVER: SHE'S EVERY WOMANHonestly might be the most well-written song to ever bless my life.Xoxo, Al

Posted by Allie Colleen on Saturday, January 28, 2017

A Bigger Stage

As interesting as her Facebook videos are, Allie has had the opportunity to sing on a much larger platform. Because what’s a bigger platform than standing onstage singing next to Garth Brooks? It’s certainly the pinnacle of success in country music.

Earlier this year, Allie got to take the stage in Los Angeles next to her father. It was on July 28, her 21st birthday. Together, the pair performed some classic Brooks numbers, and then Garth got the crowd to sing “Happy Birthday.” And not to be overlooked, Allie actually got engaged that night. 

Now that her father’s tour has closed, perhaps Allie will be the next Brooks in the spotlight?