Kacey Musgraves Reveals What She ACTUALLY Said When Ruston Proposed To Her…


It’s a whirlwind romance that’s been anything but private. Social media has certainly captured the feelings Kacey Musgraves, and Ruston Kelly have for each other. But now the couple can say something they never have.

Kacey Musgraves
Kacey Musgraves and Ruston Kelly (photo from while.com)

Courtship in The Public Eye

If Musgraves or Kelly are ever uncertain about the feelings of the other, all they need to do is revisit their social media pages. Twitter and Instagram are full of posts about their love.

According to People, they began dating in 2016 and became engaged on Christmas Eve. 

Musgraves posted about it on Instagram, writing, “I didn’t say yes…I said HELL YESSSS!!!” She went on to describe the night of the engagement.

She wrote that they were enjoying old movies with her parents. Sometime that evening, Kelly had her sister and brother-in-law secretly decorate Kacey’s childhood bedroom in nostalgic Christmas decorations. In that room, he proposed with a ring in a pink velvet box.

From there, the couple remained in the public eye.

On the following Valentine’s Day, they posted a pic of the two of them on Instagram in matching green gingham outfits. She wrote alongside it, “Every day is Valentine’s Day with you. I can’t believe I get to marry my best friend! Your love can get me through anything.”

He responded: “Valentine’s Day sucks unless you have the right one. Aside from the chocolate and roses and other saccharine elements of this holiday, it’s really just a day to reflect gratitude for the great love in your life.”

Kacey Musgraves
Musgraves and Kelly (photo from etonline.com)

Husband and Wife

According to People, Musgraves rep confirmed that she wed Ruston on October 14 in Tennessee. Now when they share their feelings, they can call each other something they never have: husband and wife.

Musgraves let her fans in on the date on her Twitter feed. She simply wrote, “Today.” followed by a bride emoji and hearts.

The following day, Kelly also took to Twitter: “Last night was incredible. To all our people who came and wished us well and gave their love and danced their faces clean off: thank you SO.”

We all look forward to seeing what’s next in store for the happy couple!