JUST IN: Chris Stapleton’s Unreleased Song… [LISTEN]


Chris Stapleton’s unreleased song has the internet going wild! He’s as smooth as Tennessee whiskey, a real traveler who is the darling of the Country Music Association Awards again this year. But the sexy duet he performs with his lovely wife isn’t anywhere for purchase.

Chris Stapleton
Chris Stapleton (photo from countryrebel.com)

Stapleton: You Should Probably Leave

Stapleton is known for his genius lyrics as much as his distinctive country voice. However, not all songs become No. 1 hits. Some don’t even make it off the shelf. But the duet he performs with his wife, Morgane Stapleton, definitely showcases his penchant for music lyricism.

“You Should Probably Leave” expresses the tension of two people who understand that if they stay, things may unfold between them that they will later regret. Each understands that they should “probably leave.”

In a clip dating back to October 2014, the Stapletons are performing at a very simple Nashville venue. The seductive, slow tempo of the acoustic song hooks you before any words are sung. When the couple begins to sing, the unfiltered vocals are pure Chris Stapleton. 

Chris and Morganne

Morgane often appears with her famous husband on stage. In fact, Morgane is usually the one singing his backup vocals. She was most recently on stage with Stapleton at the CMT Artist of the Year Awards, as the pair were singing alongside Jason Aldean and Keith Urban.

In addition to performing together, the pair also collaborates on songwriting. In an interview with Paste Magazine, they shared that they met when she was working with one of his songwriters. 

Chris teased that they met because “she was a stalker.” Morgane admitted that she did stalk him, “a little bit.” She said she would wait to hear his boots down the hall and then make an appearance where he was. One Friday evening, he asked her if she wanted to write a song together.

Stapleton also shared that his favorite tour song is Morgane singing “You Are My Sunshine” because he gets to focus on playing guitar, which he most favors.

And now here they are, still performing together. Now if only they will commercially release this song!