Watch Jimmy Fallon Bring Out The Best Of Luke Bryan’s Country Side


In case you were concerned that Luke Bryan isn’t country, think again. The “Kill The Lights” singer has taken a lot of heat about his music not being country enough. So last year, he released his album What Makes You Country. And he spent a lot of time talking about why he is and what makes him so. He even paired with Jimmy Fallon to nail the point home. And the results were hilarious.

Jimmy Fallon Assistance

Luke Bryan is admittedly a country boy. Raised in small-town Georgia, he is a true southerner who knows his way around a truck and a farm. So he decided to play this up on a sketch on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. 

The scene is New York City. The situation is that the two guys (Bryan and Fallon) are attempting to order Greek food from a food truck. And the problem is that Luke Bryan doesn’t know how to pronounce “gyro.” So he attempts to point at the picture of what he wants. But the vendor acts like he doesn’t understand which one Bryan wants. He then tries to describe it. But again, failure. Finally, he says “Forget it.” 

Jimmy Fallon, being the friend that he is, asks Luke Bryan if he’s ok. Bryan is not. And to explain why, he launches into a song about how he doesn’t know how to say “gyro.” It’s actually an hilarious song. “I actually just want something to eat, made of vertical rotisserie lamb meat,” he sings. Then Fallon joins in, making the song a duet. 

It definitely showcased Luke Bryan’s down-home side. 

What Makes Luke Bryan Country

Luke Bryan, Jimmy Fallon, country
Luke Bryan (photo from The Trending Report)

Following the release of his last album, Luke Bryan spent quite a bit of time discussing in interviews just what makes him country. It’s interesting, because you could make the argument that if you have to spend copious amounts of time explaining why you are country, then you might not actually be country. No one ever spent time debating if George Strait or Reba McEntire were country. They just were.

But Bryan has spent a lot of time pushing those bounds. So now it seems he is attempting to revitalize his down-home image. And with the help of friends like Jimmy Fallon, he just may get there.