Lee Greenwood Did The Most Unexpected to Deliver A Message To Five US Presidents


It’s a message of hope in a time of fear. Arguably the most popular patriotic song from the last two decades, “God Bless the USA” speaks to American pride and the American spirit. And it was a message he gave to five former US Presidents, all at one time.

Lee Greenwood
Lee Greenwood (photo from countryfancast.com)

“Deep From the Heart”

Greenwood’s October 21rst performance of “God Bless the USA” was certainly unique. It wasn’t his first time to take the stage at the Reed Arena at Texas A & M University in College Station, Texas. Far from it. In fact, he’s performed there hundreds of times.

What made this one different was the audience in the front row. Five former Presidents of the United States sat before him, singing along with every word: Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama. 

The five former US Presidents were there (as was Greenwood) as part of the Deep From the Heart: The One America Appeal for Hurricane Relief

As the name implies, the benefit concert’s intention was to raise money for those impacted by the catastrophic hurricanes that recently devastated Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico. It was the brainchild of President George W. Bush, who organized the concert in favor of a celebration gala. 

The concert is just one extension of One America Appeal. According to their website, all five of the living former American Presidents launched the organization in order “to encourage their fellow citizens to support recovery efforts from Hurricane Harvey — which inundated the Texas Gulf Coast with unprecedented flooding.”  

However, they also expanded it, so it now includes “areas most affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria.”

And it wasn’t just Greenwood who performed. Country music was well-represented that night, with performances by Alabama, the Gatlin Brothers, and Lyle Lovett.

Five American Presidents at the Deep From the Heart benefit concert (photo from USA Herald)

A Fitting Song

Greenwood and his anthem were a fitting choice for the event. It’s a song that doesn’t mention our racial and political divides. It is simply about the pride one experiences as an American. And what gives more pride than seeing five politically divided Presidents work together to bring relief to a devastated region?