The Top 10 Hottest Men In Country Right Now


When it seems like winter won’t ever end, you need something to keep you warm. We found that thing (we found 10 of them, actually). Country music is full of some smokin’ hot men. Which is part of the appeal, right? Because what’s better than a long, lean cowboy in some just-right jeans? Or maybe it’s a smooth country voice. Perhaps you are more of a silver fox connoisseur. Whatever your taste, there’s a country man for you. But which one is your guy? We have the list. You get to vote.

Tim McGraw

hottest men, country music
Tim McGraw (photo from Men’s Journal)

A ridiculously fine specimen of the male species, Tim McGraw is an obvious contender. Those long hours in the gym aren’t for nothin’. So if a rock-hard body with chiseled muscles is your thing (isn’t it everyone’s?), then Tim McGraw is your hottest guy. Besides that, Tim is a total family guy, which is completely endearing. But just remember that if you find a McGraw in your life, be prepared to sacrifice hours to the fitness center, because that body doesn’t build itself. 

Luke Bryan

hottest men, country music
Luke Bryan (photo from Twitter)

Let’s just be honest. It’s the butt. Sure, Luke Bryan does have a boyish charm and a sly smile (with what are maybe the whitest teeth on the planet). He also has that Southern drawl that’s just darling. But that’s not it. It’s the booty, baby. Luke’s behind is so delicious that he actually had to implement a no-booty-grabbing rule. Of course, it’s not like he doesn’t want people to notice. His painted-on jeans don’t leave much to the imagination. But just remember, you can look, but don’t touch. 

George Strait

hottest men, country music
George Strait (photo from BORN Country)

The fact that George Strait is 65 years old doesn’t matter. He’s a total contender for hottest man in country music. No one has the voice of King George. And speaking of a man who knows how to wear a pair of jeans, George Strait set the standard. Reba McEntire toured with Strait for a time and she recalled that they had to line up bales of hay in front of the stage to keep the women away. She also referred to him as a “sexy little rascal!” We agree. He was smokin’ then and he’s smokin’ now. Long live King George.

Kenny Chesney

hottest men, country music
Kenny Chesney (photo from Sounds Like Nashville)

The ever-casual Kenny Chesney is one of the few men in country music that can give Tim McGraw a run for his money in the muscles department. He consistently wears sleeveless tee shirts to show off all that hard work, which we genuinely appreciate. And his music is consistently fun. You get the feeling that life with him is one big beach party (sort of what would happen if Jimmy Buffet went country). That definitely adds to the hotness factor.

Blake Shelton

hottest men, country music
Blake Shelton (photo from Billboard)

We can’t very well leave the reigning Sexiest Man Alive off the list. But we all know how contentious that title was. However, a lot of people said that Blake Shelton is sexy because he is so funny (even his girlfriend said that). And a sense of humor is definitely hot. So if hotness to you is making you laugh, then Shelton is definitely your guy. Oh, and you want to live on a ranch in Oklahoma. Because that is definitely his thing.

Brantley Gilbert

hottest man, country music
Brantley Gilbert (photo from iHeartRadio)

Are you into bad boys? If motorcycles and tattoos are your jam, then Brantley Gilbert definitely wins the hottest man in country music for you. Gilbert definitely has some softness under that tough exterior (interviewers commonly remark about how polite he is). And a lot of his music has real depth to it. But he’s definitely the bad boy type. 

Keith Urban

hottest man, country music
Keith Urban (photo from YL Country)

Is metrosexual your thing? Keith Urban has such perfect hair and soft features that he’s almost pretty. But watching him play electric guitar definitely amps up the hotness factor. He’s also the one if appreciate men who can show you how couture is done. Besides, who doesn’t like that Aussie accent?

Brett Young

hottest man, country music
Brett Young (photo from Taste of Country)

With sandy blonde hair and a perfect tan, this California boy will have you California dreamin’. The chiseled west-coaster thought he was going to be a baseball player but an injury changed all that. So we can all thank fate that this handsome figure decided to pursue country music instead. 

Chris Stapleton

hottest man, country music
Chris Stapleton (photo from Billboard)

No doubt about it, Chris Stapleton definitely does not have the hard body of Tim McGraw or the beauty of Keith Urban. And we know that he rarely makes a hottest men list. But he definitely has his own sex appeal. First of all, lots of women consider heavily-bearded men hot. Secondly, that voice. Seriously. His voice is spectacular, and no other younger guy in country can rival him. Add that to his songwriting ability, and it’s an intoxicating level of talent. Besides, who said you have to be thin to be hot? 

Thomas Rhett

hottest man, country music
Thomas Rhett (photo from

Maybe you do like a beard, but you prefer more Sean Connery, less Duck Dynasty. Thomas Rhett may win your vote for the hottest country guy. He’s got a sweet face, a killer smile, and an easygoing attitude that makes him seem like he’d be loads of fun on a date. And yes, a very well-maintained beard. 

We Ranked, You Decide

hottest man, hottest men, country music
So who do you think is the hottest man in country music? (photo from Pnglmg)

The thing about hotness is that we all know how subjective it is. Some people like pot bellies and others like washboard abs. Some women want a sweet face and others want a tight booty. And for others, it’s all about if you can make you laugh. No matter what you’re into, there’s a country guy for you. And hopefully, you can find a guy in real life who at least slightly resembles your country crush. But if not, just keep country dreaming, because that certainly keeps you warm on the long winter nights. And then let us know who you think is the hottest man in country music and why.