You’ll Love What Tim McGraw Does For This 94 Year-Old Grandma


Faith Hill may have some competition on her hands. Ok, probably not. But inasmuch as her position as wife is safe, there is a fan who may adore Tim McGraw just as much. And thanks to her husband’s generosity, Grandma Mary had the chance to meet the “Humble and Kind” singer.

Grandma Mary
Tim McGraw (photo from

Grandma Mary

Grandma Mary, as she is known, is a 94-year-old country music fan and avid radio listener. Out of all the artists, Tim McGraw is her guy. “Humble and Kind” is one of her favorite songs, but she loves all his hits. Sadly, she had planned to go to his concert for her 90th birthday, but a stroke prevented it. 

Four years later, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill brought their Soul2Soul tour back to South Carolina. Mary’s granddaughter, Tia Pettygrue, knew she had to get tickets this time. However, most of the seats were out of their price range.

But thanks to social media, fans have a chance to connect with their favorite stars. And that is just what Pettygrue did. She shared Grandma Mary’s story on Facebook, asking for help to get her grandmother to the concert. Luckily, the story reached Tim McGraw’s team. They contacted Pettygrue, who definitely thought it was a joke.

As she told Taste of Country, “I thought it was a scam.” But it wasn’t. McGraw’s team promised amazing seats for the show, which happened to be on eve of Grandma Mary’s 95th birthday. And Grandma Mary was ready with a plan.

Grandma Mary
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill (photo from Us Weekly)

When word came through about the concert, Tim McGraw posted about it on his own Facebook page. “I think we’ve got a hook up. Faith Hill and I would love to celebrate with you and your grandmother in Charleston. Come on!”

Tia and Grandma Mary definitely said yes. In her interview with Taste of Country, Pettygrue shared her grandmother’s excitement about the concert. “She said, ‘If I get to give Tim a hug, you think Faith will be mad? I said, ‘I don’t think so, Grandma.'”

“She says, ‘OK, because I wouldn’t care anyway.'”


This sounds in line with Grandma Mary’s personality. Pettygrue describes her as a woman you don’t forget.

“She will tell you off in a minute,” she shares, laughing. “You can’t put anything past her. She will make you laugh so much.”

“Everyone that meets her, you just start calling her Grandma. She makes a friend wherever you go.”