Why These 5 George Strait Songs Shocked The Country Music Industry


With more than 60 Number 1 hits spanning more than three decades, you can hardly hit play on a George Strait song without finding a chart-topper. However, with 44 albums (28 studio, 12 compilation, 3 live, and 1 soundtrack), he did release some singles that didn’t peak at the top spot. And there are some killer songs in that mix. Here are 5 George Strait songs that should’ve gone to Number 1 but didn’t.

5. Adalida

George Strait released “Adalida” in 1995. It was the third single from his Lead On album. That was his 15th studio album. The song has a distinct cajun feel to it, which is intentional given that it’s actually about a “cajun queen” named Adalida. With prominent fiddles and an accordion, it’s something you would definitely expect to hear in a Louisiana dance hall. 

The song reached Number 3 in the US on the Billboard charts. It fared slightly better in Canada, oddly enough, taking the Number 2 spot. That wouldn’t normally be paltry, but two of the other singles from Lead On went to Number 1 (“The Big One” and “You Can’t Make a Heart Love Somebody”.) However, it did do much better than the title track, which only went to Number 7.

Why “Adalida” didn’t hit Number 1 is uncertain. It’s possible that it was because the song was highly criticized by reviewers. According to Wikipedia, “Deborah Evans Price, of Billboard magazine reviewed the song favorably, calling it a “zydeco-spiced single.” She goes on to say that in the hands of a lesser singer, “a song like this would have been difficult to stretch.” Alanna Nash of Entertainment Weekly was less favorable, saying that it “fails to challenge him in even the slightest way”.  However, what is popular with the public and popular with reviewers is often not the same. 

Overall, it’s a really fun song that makes you want to don some boots and hit the dance floor.

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