The Complete List Of 60 George Strait’s Biggest Hits From 1982 To 2013


With 60 No. 1 hits, there’s a reason why he’s called King George Strait. It’s a dazzling number. And one that no other artist can claim–country or otherwise. His hits span more than three decades. 44 No. 1 singles on the Billboard charts and 16 on the Mediabase chart. Only Conway Twitty came close, with 40 Billboard No. 1 songs. But Strait is well beyond that number now. Here is the complete list.

1982: “Fool Hearted Memory”

This first No. 1 came from his Strait From The Heart album. The first single released from that record, it catapulted to the top of the charts. It also set the stage for decades of hits and really produced the sound that Strait would be known for.

1982: “A Fire I Can’t Put Out”

This second single released from his Strait From The Heart album. No longer a one-trick pony, this hit gave Strait some serious inertia in his career.

1983: “You Look So Good In Love”

Released from his third studio album, Right or Wrong, this gave Strait his third No. 1. It’s a sweet country ballad about seeing your ex in a whole new light.

1984: “Right Or Wrong”

Also released from the album of the same name, this song released as a single the year after the album.

1984: “Let’s Fall To Pieces Together”

The third and final single released from Right or Wrong gave Strait three consecutive No. 1 hits.

1984: “Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind?”

Released from his 4th studio album of the same name, “Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind” received nominations for both Single of the Year and Song of the Year from the Country Music Association. 

1985: “The Chair”

This hit came from his 5th studio album, Something Special, “The Chair” has endured as a hit song. Luke Bryan even once covered it in concert. It’s a really clever song about a man attempting to pick up a woman in a bar. 

1986: “Nobody In His Right Mind Would’ve Left Her”

This hit came from his simply titled album 7. It also received a CMA nomination for Single of the Year.

1986: “It Ain’t Cool To Be Crazy About You”

A second No. 1 from his album, this song didn’t garner any award nominations. But it still took him to the top of the charts. This is oddly true about many of his songs. Though wildly popular with fans, Strait is actually a bit sparse in the awards department. And his songs often lack critical acclaim.

1987: “Ocean Front Property”

This came from Strait’s multiplatinum 7th studio album of the same name. With it, Strait received nominations from the Academy of Country Music for Song of the Year and the American Music Award for Favorite Country Single. Notably, he didn’t win either.

1987: “All My Ex’s Live In Texas”

Also from his Ocean Front Property album, this song made a recent reprisal thanks to a country feud. After Miranda Lambert shot at ex-husband Blake Shelton by singing about how she “got the hell out of Oklahoma,” Shelton returned fire singing this Strait hit (he actually performed it with Luke Bryan in Mexico, both of them looking more than a bit intoxicated).

1987: “Am I Blue”

This song was the third single released from Ocean Front Property and gave Strait his 12th No. 1.

1988: “Famous Last Words Of A Fool”

George Strait hit another amazing stride with his next album, If  You Ain’t Lovin’ (You Ain’t Livin’). This first single released took him to No. 1 for lucky 13.

1988: “Baby Blue”

The second single released from If  You Ain’t Lovin’ (You Ain’t Livin’), this hit was widely speculated to be about George Strait’s daughter, Jenifer. Jenifer died tragically in a car accident when she was just 13. His only daughter, she had blue eyes. However, Strait did not write the song, so this is uncertain. It is also uncertain because he has never spoken publicly about her death.

1988: “If You Ain’t Lovin’ (You Ain’t Livin’)”

Once again, George Strait achieved No. 1 hits with all three singles released from an album. This was the third and final single from his record of the same name.

1989: “Baby’s Gotten Good At Goodbye”

Strait struck again with the first single from his next studio album, Beyond The Blue Neon.

1988: “What’s Going On In Your World”

Once again, Strait hit back-to-back chart-toppers with the second single released from Beyond The Blue Neon.

1989: “Ace In The Hole”

George Strait absolutely did have an “Ace In The Hole” with this song. This was his 11th straight No. 1 hit, and the third single released from Beyond The Blue Neon. 

1990: “Love Without End, Amen”

Strait tugged at heartstrings with this first single from his 10th studio album Livin’ It Up. This song contains some poignant words about fatherhood, as a boy fears his father’s response after getting in a bit of trouble.

1990: “I’ve Come To Expect It From You”

This was actually the third single from Livin’ It Up. One of the few times when all three didn’t peak (the second single, “Drinking Champagne,” did not hit the top spot).

1991: “If I Know Me”

Once again Strait hit the top of the charts with a leadoff single. This was from his album Chill Of An Early Fall.

1991: “You Know Me Better Than That”

The second single released from Chill Of An Early Fall also peaked at the top of the charts. This is a cute song about a man talking to his lover who left him about his new woman. In it, he tells her that his new woman doesn’t really see him for who he actually is.

1991: “The Chill Of An Early Fall”

The third and final single from the album of the same name, Strait had yet another trio of No. 1s.

1992: “So Much Like My Dad”

One of the only times that Strait didn’t hit No. 1 right off the bat, “So Much Like My Dad” is the second single from him Holding My Own album. Willie Nelson originally recorded the song.

1992: “I Cross My Heart”

His second album of 1992, Pure Country, was also the soundtrack from the movie of the same name, in which he starred. This song was a smash hit for Strait. It is often listed on top country love songs lists. And it’s played at more than just a few weddings. 

1992: “The Heartland”

This was the other No. 1 hit from Pure Country, proving that a soundtrack can do well even when the movie doesn’t. Notably, George Strait did not return to acting after that film. Which was a good decision.

1993: “Easy Come, Easy Go”

George Strait continued his streak of back-to-back years of No. 1 hits with this song. It was the lead single from the album of the same name. It’s maybe the most easygoing breakup song of all time. With it, he had 11 consecutive years of chart-toppers.

1993: “I’d Like To Have That One Back”

The second single released from Easy Come, Easy Go also hit No. 1.

1993: “The Man In Love With You”

Easy Come, Easy Go continued to produce hits, as evidenced by its third single reaching the top position.

1994: “The Big One”

This was the leadoff single from Strait’s 15th studio album, Lead On.

1994: “You Can’t Make A Heart Love Somebody”

This second single from Lead On gave Strait another pair of consecutive hits.

1994: “Lead On”

Not all 4 singles from Lead On went to No. 1 (“Adalida” did not). But this one sure did.

1995: “Check Yes Or No”

George Strait continued his streak with this hit, which was from his box set Strait Out Of The Box. It was also included as a bonus track on the UK version of his Blue Clear Sky album. This was one of those No. 1’s that had some staying power. Even now you’ll hear it played on stations streaming country music.

1995: “I Know She Still Loves Me”

George Strait only released two singles from Strait Out Of The Box. But this second one also took him to the top.

1996: “Blue Clear Sky”

The lead single from his 16th studio album of the same name, this song received a Billboard Music Award Nomination for Top Country Song. If you’re worried you won’t ever find love, this song gives you some hope.

1996: “Carried Away”

This was another love ballad from Blue Clear Sky that took George Strait to the top.

1996: “I Can Still Make Cheyenne”

Though this is the third single from Blue Clear Sky, it also appears on Strait’s 50 Number Ones album. It was an interesting juxtaposition to the two singles before it. Both of those are love ballads. But this one is a breakup song that is as country as a turnip green. A man who’s sad his woman has left him, but happy he can make it to the next rodeo. Maybe Strait worried he was getting too soft.

1997: “One Night At A Time”

This song was the first single from his Carrying Your Love With Me album. It received a nomination for  Country Music Association Award for Single of the Year.

1997: “Carrying Your Love With Me”

Though this album of the same name produced 4 singles. All of them hit No. 1, including the title track.

1997: “Today My World Slipped Away”

This was the third single from Carrying Your Love With Me to hit No. 1.

1997: “Round About Way”

This was the fourth and final single of Carrying Your Love With Me. 

1998: “I Just Want To Dance With You”

George Strait his No. 1 again the next year with this leadoff single from his album One Step At A Time.

1998: “True”

The second single from One Step At A Time gave George Strait a second No. 1 from that album.

1998: “We Really Shouldn’t Be Doing This”

This was the third and final single from One Step At A Time. And one of the few times a single didn’t share its name with the album.

1999: “Write This Down”

George Strait continued grinding out chart-toppers with this second single from his Always Never The Same.

2000: “The Best Day”

Moving into his third decade of No. 1 hits, George Strait released this from his Latest Greatest Straitest Hits.

2000: “Go On”

Strait hit the new century running with a second studio album, George Strait. This was the leadoff single.

2001: “Run”

Strait struck gold again when his lead single topped the charts. This was from his album The Road Less Traveled.

2001: “Living And Living Well”

Showing no signs of slowing down, this track was the second single from The Road Less Traveled.

1997: “She’ll Leave You With A Smile”

The third and final single from The Road Less Traveled also took the top spot.

2004: “I Hate Everything”

The five years between “She’ll Leave You With A Smile” and “I Hate Everything” were the first time in 15 years that George Strait didn’t have a No. 1. However, he came roaring back with this lead single from his 50 Number Ones compilation album.

2005: “She Let Herself Go”

Strait got back on a streak with this second single from his 23rd studio album, Somewhere Down In Texas.

2006: “Give It Away”

The lead single from It Just Comes Natural, this song earned George Strait a Grammy nomination for Best Male Country Vocal Performance.

2006: “It Just Comes Natural”

The title track to the album of its same name, this one also went to No. 1.

2006: “Wrapped”

This was the third single from Strait’s It Just Comes Natural.

2008: “I Saw God Today”

George Strait released this as the leadoff single from his Troubadour album.

2008: “River Of Love”

Also from his Troubadour album, this was the third single released.

2011: “Here For A Good Time”

Despite a short hiatus, George Strait proved himself King George again with this leadoff single and title track from his 27th studio album.

2011: “Love’s Gonna Make It Alright”

The single also came from Strait’s Here For A Good Time album.

2013: “Give It All We Got Tonight”

At 60 years old, George Strait achieved his 60th No. 1 hit. And with that, made music history.

George Strait: King Of Country

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George Strait (photo from SocialMediaMonday)

Semiretired now, George Strait still records and plays a few shows. But now he is more legend than performer. Will anyone break his record? Probably so. But I doubt any of us who were lucky enough to be alive during his reign will be alive to see it.