Garth Brooks Shares What Is Instrumental To His Success As The Entertainer of The Year


Despite the lip-synching controversy that resulted from his recent CMA Awards performance, Garth Brooks remains on top. The reigning Entertainer of the Year walked away with the prize again this year. He had a few thoughts to share about the occasion.

“Brightest star”

At the November 8 Country Music Association Awards, Garth Brooks stepped on stage as the reigning Entertainer of the Year, a prize he had won 5 times prior to the 2017 awards. He was already on a winning streak with his first Billboard Hot 100 hit in a decade, thanks to “Ask Me How I Know.”

The superstar, who hosts Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood, and is described as the “the brightest star in the room,” sat down with Billboard to talk about what the award meant to him. 

Brooks’ speech “focused on the importance of family, both biological and musical, who have been instrumental in his success.” He finished his speech by saying thank you to Trisha Yearwood, his wife of a dozen years. “Ms. Yearwood,” he said, “I am yours forever.”

Entertainer of the Year
Garth Brooks wins Entertainer of the Year at 2017 CMA Awards (photo from

“Love of my Life”

Yearwood often collaborates with her husband and is also part of his road team.

After Brooks left the interview, Yearwood shared her own thoughts. She described her husband in kind words. “He’s my best friend and he’s the love of my life and I think we’ve always been friends so we’ve always been a cheerleader for the other and I understand that if he walks away tonight and he doesn’t take that award home, we’re still good and the same and it doesn’t diminish what this tour has accomplished.” 

She then added, “As his wife and as his friend, I want it for him and I want it for the crew and the band.” 

Brooks returned to the interview and told Billboard “You saw the country music family at its best tonight, I can tell you that.” 

The couple celebrated the event on Twitter. Despite the criticism of his performance, it was still an epic night for one of country music’s most enduring stars.