You’ll Never Believe What Garth Brooks Did For This 89-Year-Old Lady


What could ever top having Garth Brooks personally serenade you on your birthday? Let’s be honest. Probably nothing. And if you’re an 89-year-old superfan, you might just get the chance. Brooks just gave one lucky woman the moment of a lifetime.

Garth Brooks wins Entertainer of the Year at 2017 CMA Awards (photo from

An Incredible Surprise

On a Louisiana summer evening in July, Laura Bertaut was about to turn 89. What started out as an ordinary birthday eve was about to become the most amazing night of her life. 

First, she was surprised with an extra ticket to Garth Brooks‘ final concert at the Canjundome during his stint in Lafayette. That in and of itself was enough to make her special day incredible. A diehard Brooks fan, she attended the show with her daughter, Holly Dickman, and her great-granddaughter, Dayna Burkhardt.

Knowing that Garth pays attention to signs, she brought one with her to the concert. In big letters, it read, “ELVIS WAS MY LAST CONCERT.” As she held it up during Brooks’ performance, she and her sign made an appearance on the Jumbotron. 

She could never have anticipated what happened next. 

The Serenade of her Dreams

Laura lives with her other daughter, Lori Bertaut. And though Lori wasn’t at the concert, she had the full story. In an interview with USA Today, Lori explained what happened. 

“Garth saw the sign and started asking questions – who’s the lady with the sign, what’s her name. He got off the stage and walked down, and found out it was her birthday. He asked what her favorite Elvis song was, and she couldn’t think of one in particular.”

So in response, Brooks selected one of his own songs to serenade her. He chose “If Tomorrow Never Comes,” one of his 1989 hits. And if that wasn’t enough, he gave Laura his guitar.

The video went viral, and Laura was an instant social media celebrity. When asked how she was handling the new fame, Lori answered.

“She is overwhelmed,” Lori says. “She was surprised that out of all the people there, he picked her to do this. Of course, there were probably not many 89 year olds in that group. Now, the big decision is where to put the guitar. I am thinking we’ll hang it over my fireplace at home.”

Trying to choose where to hang Garth Brooks‘ guitar is an amazing decision to have the chance to make. Certainly, nothing will top the gift Brooks gave Laura.