8 Videos Of Garth Brooks That Prove He Wears His Heart On His Sleeve


Garth Brooks is one of the greatest legends of country music. But it turns out he’s also one of the biggest crybabies. He often gets emotional to the point of tears, whether onstage or in interviews. Sometimes he even loses it during his own Facebook live shows. Of course, that deep emotion is part of what makes him such an incredible performer. He emotionally connects with his audience like so few artists can do. So just what brings him to tears? We have all the times you need to see. 

Tears Over Ryman

Back in 2016, Garth Brooks launched his SiriusXM music channel from the stage of the Ryman Auditorium. Country music fans understand the significance of that. It was the 34-year home of the Grand Ole Opry. The place where, as Brooks put it, “All the gods have played.” 

During his interview discussing the event, Brooks became noticeably emotional. Acknowledging the quiver in his voice he said, “Truthfully, ma’am, I’m just trying not to bawl like a baby.” 

Life Lessons

Sitting down with Entertainment Tonight, Brooks eyes welled more than a few times as he recounted the lessons he has learned.

He said that one of the hardest moments of his life came when he was separated from first wife, Sandy Mahl. He acknowledged that he had 3 girls who had his last name–but he didn’t know them at all. However, he said that that was why he retired for 9 years. And those retirement years and the 6 years following “have been the greatest of my life,” he shared. 

He also said that there is nothing on his bucket list because he is married to Trisha Yearwood. “What else could I want?” he asked. Brooks’ eyes again welled as he said that his bucket list is just to keep doing what he’s doing: being “Mr. Yearwood” and continuing to perform. 

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