Influential Country Musicians Using Their Voices For Social Change


The community that is country music has faced a lot of challenges over the past year. Of course, the most significant was the massacre at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival in Las Vegas. But it isn’t just that tragedy that has prompted responses from country music artists. As mass shootings and hate crimes continue to plague the nation, country artists are speaking out. Artists such as Garth Brooks. And their message is clear. Fight hate. Choose love. Here is how they’re saying it.

Garth Brooks Rejects of Hate


YOU are LOVED! Let someone else know THEY are loved! Join us #WeShallBeFree love, g

Posted by Garth Brooks on Thursday, March 30, 2017

Never one to hide his emotions, Garth Brooks has spread messages of love for several years now. Even back in the 1980s, when he released “We Shall Be Free,” he was promoting social justice and love. That song specifically mentioned people being free to love who they want to love, which was a controversial statement at the time referencing gay rights. And when Brooks was criticized for making such a bold political statement, he didn’t back down. He doubled down.

25 years later, he released an updated version of the video for the song. The new one included new cameos from high-profile figures and footage from 9/11. And with it, he continued to promote a message of love over hate.

Then in 1996, Brooks released a single called “The Change.” It was the 4th single from his Fresh Horses album he released the year before. The song paid tribute to the victims of the Oklahoma City bombing. And he again fought for love. “This heart still believes / The love and mercy still exist…As long as one heart still holds on  / Then hope is never really gone,” he sings.

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