Garth Brooks Admits His True Fears


“Insecure” isn’t the word comes to mind when one thinks of Garth Brooks. Fame, fortune, fantastically fabulous– those all do. However, in an endearing and candid chat with Ellen Degeneres, Brooks opened up about some of his real fears upon his return to life in the spotlight. 

“I was afraid”

Garth Brooks (photo from The Hollowverse)

Coming out of retirement, Garth Brooks had some pretty big shoes to fill– his own. After fourteen years of being out of the spotlight, the country star definitely had the shadow of his former fame hanging over him. To repeat his previous success, even in small measure, was certainly a formidable task.

In a candid conversation on The Ellen Degeneres Show, he admitted that his biggest fear is that his fans had abandoned him. “I was so afraid nobody would show up,” he told the host. 

“Well first of all, that’s crazy,” she responded. “People love you.”

But she admitted that fourteen years was a long time to be away and Brooks agreed. He said that “the world moves on.” So when they announced that first tour date in Chicago, he said he “didn’t know what was going to happen.”

And it didn’t look like it was going to go well. He revealed that 4-5 minutes after the on-sale, he got “the phone call,” which he described as “never good.”

The “Never Good” Call

It turns out that the phone call that’s “never good” was actually very good. They were selling out shows left and right. And Brooks was thankful to his fans for their support.

He profusely said thank you to his audiences, referring to their support as “sweet.” And he said that he knows how expensive concerts are, which is why his ticket prices have remained at around $60 a ticket. He wants his fans to be able to come out and engage with him.

And he also shared that he doesn’t plan on returning to retirement. As he put it, he’ll do this “til they throw me out!” You can watch the interview in its entirety above.

It isn’t surprising that Brooks’ fears were unfounded. People do indeed love him. And how can they not?