What Every ‘Fella’ Can Learn From Garth Brooks About Giving Gifts


Garth Brooks has a penchant for giving his fans enormous gifts. He once offered to pay college tuition for the yet-to-born baby of expecting parents at one of his concerts. So, seriously, the guy knows how to go all-out. But it turns out that when it comes to giving a gift to his wife, he is far more sentimental. And in turn, she knows exactly what to get the guy that has everything. 

Garth’s Gift of Giving

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood (photo from Radar Online)

If you’re a fella reading this, pay attention. Garth has thrown down the gauntlet on romance. Yes, this is a piece on his wife’s Christmas gift, but we would be absolutely remiss not to mention Brooks’ track record. Partly because it helps inspire her gifts, but partly just because it is so damn good.

In an interview with Taste of Country prior to the last shows of Brooks’ three-year world tour, Yearwood opened up about her husband’s amazing gift-giving.

“Things that aren’t on a typical list, those are the kinds of things that he does,” she raved. “He’s always so thoughtful. I’m the one who’s trying to be as thoughtful as him, but he always wins.” 

That is probably because his thoughtful gifts include things like flying her family to her when Yearwood couldn’t visit them at Christmas. Or planning to get her father’s 1962 Chevy back from the man he’d sold it to (the one Yearwood learned to drive on) after Yearwood had tried unsuccessfully to do so.

Ok, so in fairness, those are thoughtful but also pricey. So does that mean he wants a gifts that is really lavish? Actually, no. It seems the thought is what counts– the money was just a way to achieve it. And in return, he likes simpler things.

What to Give Garth

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood (photo from Sun Heritage Real Estate)

According to Yearwood, Garth likes “things that are sentimental, that mean something.” Those are what he most likes to give and to receive. She said that in that vein, he also likes “family-related” gifts, so she has something special for him on that score.

Of course, if you can’t come up with anything fancy, no worries. Because as Yearwood said (only half-jokingly), “You can never go wrong with, like, underwear and sweatpants.”

So if you’re looking to get Garth a Christmas gift, get him something sentimental. Because, as it turns out, the guy who has everything is the easiest on earth to please.