Foxworthy and Rimes Are In The Same Room, And You’ll Lose It At What Happens Next…


Jeff Foxworthy has impressive comedic timing. LeAnn Rimes has a pitch-perfect country voice. Together, they have a hilarious skit.

Jeff Foxworthy and LeAnn Rimes
Jeff Foxworthy and LeAnn Rimes (photo on YouTube)

“It looks like they’re doing it!”

In a skit for Comedy Central‘s Blue Collar Comedy, Jeff Foxworthy and LeAnn Rimes take on the respective roles of Superman Chuck Norris and supermodel Christie Brinkley.

From the start, they are perfect for their roles, right down to the workout attire. He had the characteristic Norris confidence, and she had Brinkley’s perfect blond ponytail. 

Walking out onto the stage, Norris asks, “Hey Christie Brinkley, aren’t you sick of having to workout by yourself?

I sure am Chuck Norris!” she responds with a smile.

The curtain behind them peels back, revealing a piece of exercise equipment: “The Dual Exercisermaster 3000.”  “Take a look!” Norris tells her.

However, there’s one slight problem. The equipment is quite risqué! A woman lying on a bench operates half to if; the other half is a man moving back and forth. To quote Chuck Norris, “It looks like they’re doing it!” (It does.)

This becomes the running joke of the entire skit. 

“I’m not comfortable with this”

Norris first protests because according to his lines, he uses the machine with his family. With his family?! Yeah, that’s awkward! 

Then, he and Brinkley have to operate the machine. Norris protests again. This time he proclaims, “Guys I’m a happily married man, and I’m totally not comfortable with this.”

The Walker, Texas Ranger star repeatedly attempts to back out of the $1 million endorsements. (Much to Brinkley’s chagrin, 

When they can’t get him to “do it” with Christie, even more, hilarity ensues as they bring in a male actor to operate the machine with him.

The infomercial ends with the following announcement: The Dual Exercisermaster 3000! Order one today and we’ll throw in a private training session with Chuck and Christie in your home!” 

After hearing that, Norris is done! He storms off the stage, leaving Brinkley alone. 

The two parodied the Norris/Brinkley infomercial perfectly. Let’s hope they pair together again soon for more raucous comedy!