Watch Tim McGraw Vs. Faith Hill On Jimmy Fallon “Search Party”


Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are all-out hilarious in a friendly Jimmy Fallon competition. Playing a game reminiscent of “Family Feud,” the two squared off for a battle of “Search Party.” Faith Hill’s team included Jimmy Fallon and James Poyser from The Roots. Tim McGraw had The Roots’ Questlove and Tariq Trotter on his team. But it was really a match between Tim and Faith. See how it played out.

Faith Hill Says No to Tim McGraw

Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Jimmy Fallon, competition, game, Search Party
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill (photo from Wide Open Country)

“Search Party” is quite similar to “Family Feud.” The first two contestants go to the front and try and guess the top answers on the board. Except in this version, they have to guess Google search results for random questions. And they type their answers into a computer. The one to match the highest answer on the board gets control and their team answers the next set of search results until they get two strikes.

When Tim McGraw and Faith Hill came to the front for the first question, the competition was immediately fierce. He extended her hand, playfully acting as though this was their first meeting. But she wasn’t having it. Faith raised her arms in the air and stepped back with the clear insinuation of “no way, buddy.” 

Jimmy Fallon Misses

Cast member Tim McGraw, left, and Faith Hill arrive for a screening of “Country Strong” in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Tuesday, Dec. 14, 2010. (AP Photo/Matt Sayles)

The first “Search Party” query was “Why do country singers always sing about…?” No one missed the irony of Tim McGraw answering “divorce” while his wife answered “love.” Luckily for Faith, her answer was correct. Her team took control of the board. Things looked good, but then Jimmy Fallon struck out with “Mama.” Poyser got an answer on the board but then Hill missed with her next guess of “family.” Control switched to McGraw’s team.

The “Humble and Kind” singer chose “trucks” as the answer to country music singer’s lyric choices. And with that, his team won the round. 

A Game for Gentleman to Play

Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Jimmy Fallon, competition, game, Search Party
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill (photo from Us Weekly)

The best moment was in the final third round. The “Search Party” query was “How do I get more…?” Faith Hill struggled on that answer, finally deciding to go with “intelligence.” Incorrect. Tim McGraw and team got another steal, and they collectively answered “sex.” What do you expect from three men?

Luckily for the gents, their thinking won them the round. But the best part is definitely watching Tim and Faith dish out some friendly competition to each other. You can watch them play against each other in the video below.