The Sweet Story Of Darius Rucker Teaming Up With Habitat To Give Back


Darius Rucker isn’t taking his fame for granted. The “Wagon Wheel” singer decided to give back in his home state of South Carolina. And through two different amazing charities, he found just the way to do it.

Darius Rucker
Darius Rucker (photo from

Giving Back

Darius Rucker knows charity begins at home, so he’s starting with his home state. The country star is teaming up with Habitat for Humanity and Ply Gem to build homes for people in need of affordable housing. Ply Gem is a manufacturer of exterior building materials. 

The former Hootie & The Blowfish singer promised 15 homes for people in need in North Charleston. In early November, he assisted with the construction of one of the homes. As reported by People, the one he helped build belonged to a 31-year old mother named Kenya. Kenya is the mother of two. 

“Kenya worked with Habitat for Humanity on four houses, more than 500 hours, as part of their program to become a homeowner,” Rucker, 51, told People. “I feel so fortunate to be a small part of sharing her story.”

The Charleston homes in the Joppa Way neighborhood were a part of the Home for Good project — a nationwide campaign that has helped hundreds of families across the U.S. achieve the dream of homeownership.

Darius Rucker
Darius Rucker (photo from Billboard)

Helping Those in Need

What some may not know is that the families are selected for the organization based on their ability to pay a Habitat mortgage. This is in addition to housing need, as well a willingness to complete 500 hours as part of the building process. But for some people, they fall in the gray areas. 

Kenya, for example, was initially declined because her credit was too high. But she took classes on financial management, as well as learned how to budget and save. As a result, she reapplied for a Habitat house and was approved.

Kenya said that she is looking forward to hosting her 12-year old son, Simeon, and her newborn baby at family cookouts.

Rucker expressed his satisfaction about the event.

“It’s so inspiring to see all these volunteers and companies like Ply Gem and their Home for Good project come together to give back and help people get into a home they can afford,” Rucker said.