The Top 10 Country Songs That Belong On Every Lady’s Summer Play List


Summer is almost here. That means long weekends at the lake, barbecues, and road trips with the girls. But before you set out Thelma and Louise-style, you need to do a little bit of prep work. Bathing suit: check. Sunscreen: check. Those sunglasses that make you look super chic: check. But more than anything, you need a playlist. Because every event needs a soundtrack– especially when you’re hanging with your BFFs on a girls’ weekend. Here are the country songs must-haves.

10. Miranda Lambert: “Pink Sunglasses”

Not normally one for bubble-gum country, Miranda Lambert definitely goes a bit off the reservation with this hit that almost sounds a little pop. Thanks to the fact that it doesn’t have her usual heavy-hitting emotional lyrics (unless you want a girls trip full of tears), “Pink Sunglasses” is a great song for your weekend. And listening to the lyrics, you might just have to get a pair of rose-colored shades before you hit the road.

In my pink sunglasses / Always makes the world look a little bit better…At $9.99, I’m perfectly disguised / When I’m walking by, I wanna roll my eyes/ In my pink sunglasses” she sings.

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