Your Summer Is Not Complete Without These 10 Country Music Songs, On A Playlist, Now!


It’s finally here! Summer! After long months of winter, the weather is now heating up. School is getting ready to let out. Long weekends at the lake beckon. Of course, summer officially kicks off Memorial Day weekend. And we want you to be prepared. So we have the ultimate country music songs for your summer playlist. Some of these are oldies but goodies. All of them are the tunes you want to blare when you’re riding in the truck with the windows down, or cruising along the water in your pontoon. 

10. Alan Jackson, “Chattahoochee”

If this song doesn’t take you back to your teenage years, nothing will. Jackson’s adolescent anthem is all about those times of drinking beer, making out, and long, lazy days with friends dreaming about the future. It takes you back to the time when everything felt possible. And what’s great about it is that it isn’t a sad nostalgia. It’s upbeat and fun, and almost makes you think you can still get back there again. 

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